Jessica has written a song!

photo 1 Jessica has written a song!

photo 2 Jessica has written a song!

Jessica doesn’t go to our school. She is a pupil at Wooden Hill Primary school. I thought you might enjoy listening to a song she wrote.

“It was spring & the first day the sun was shining through my bedroom window. I starting thinking about summertime & the summer holidays. I thought “I hope the weather stays nice.” This was my inspiration for my song.”


Click on the link below to hear her sing “Summer Song”

What do you think? I am sure that Jessica would like to read our comments!

Solid Harmony choir

After school on Tuesday I went up to a special meeting for musicians and anyone interested in music education. I met some wonderful young people from the Solid Harmony Performance choir who gave a great performance. As well as being fabulous singers they are also trained mentors and teach others how to sing. I really want them to come to our school so I am going to try to arrange a special visit.

I hope you enjoy watching their video.

How can we arrange this lovely song?

Hi year 4,

I was really impressed with how clearly you learnt the song “By the waters”. I have posted up a clip of us singing so that we can work out what we need to do next to make this a performance piece.

Here are some questions for you to consider

1. How do the lyrics sound to you? Can you understand the words clearly? Do the words convey the right emotions?

2. What about the begining and end? Could we arrange it differently?

3. What about the dynamics? Is the volume the same all the way through? could we use different volume levels to make it more interesting for our listeners.

4. Any other suggestions?

So, put your thinking caps on. Leave me some comments. We will use the suggestions left below to create a new recording next week and then we can compare and contrast!