Play that paper!

photo 1 Play that paper!photo 2 Play that paper!

Well done year 4!
I was so impressed with both the sounds and the rhythms you created using the newspaper.

I will give you time in the lesson next week to develop this further. I am sorry I didn’t get time to record your work. One group came back to see me after the lunch in lunch time so I was able to record them. What do you think?

photo 3 Play that paper!

Really looking forward to next week’s lesson. Please can you remember to bring newspaper and scrap paper with you? I’ve run out!

Jessica has written a song!

photo 1 Jessica has written a song!

photo 2 Jessica has written a song!

Jessica doesn’t go to our school. She is a pupil at Wooden Hill Primary school. I thought you might enjoy listening to a song she wrote.

“It was spring & the first day the sun was shining through my bedroom window. I starting thinking about summertime & the summer holidays. I thought “I hope the weather stays nice.” This was my inspiration for my song.”


Click on the link below to hear her sing “Summer Song”

What do you think? I am sure that Jessica would like to read our comments!