St Teresa’s Lockdown Music Concert.

I am proud to present our first ever online music concert featuring children from our school! But first a message from our MP Siobhain McDonagh

Would you like to take part in our next concert? I am looking for children and families who would like to sing us a song. It can be any style and can include beatboxing, rap and body percussion. You can sing unaccompanied or use a backing track. You might be able to persuade someone in your house to accompany you on a guitar, ukulele or keyboard. You can sing on your own or with your whole family if you like!

If you are interested you need to get your parent to fill in this form here by Monday 1st June

Home school

Hi everyone,

Hope you are all doing well. I am missing you all. I thought I would put up a song that we could all sing while we are at home. Don’t worry if you have forgotten how it goes – beccy is going to remind you in the video below. Take a look at this

Learn the song One moment, one people with Beccy Owen

Visit the site and find the accompanying Pupil Pack to complete:

If you click on this link you can find a backing track so you can sing it as a solo or with your family.

Developing our percussion pieces

Year 5 have been hard at work creating and performing percussion pieces. It is a tricky business which requires concentration, good team work, excellent listening skills and a strong sense of pulse. These pieces aren’t finished but I have recorded a selection of pieces so we can assess how they sound and suggest improvements.

Yr 5 – in development group 1

Year 5 are are creating their own percussion pieces for MMF #Bestfest