Leaving songs – composed and produced by year 6 students!

I am bursting with pride! Year 6 spent a half term studying songwriting with me. They were tasked with composing a song that reflected their feelings about moving on from primary to high school. The result? Some incredible songs written entirely by the children with very little help from me. There were lots and lots of good songs that were written but we had to choose just a few to take to the studio.

We are very fortunate that we are close to the excellent Crown Lane Studio. 16 children spent the day with John in the studio rehearsing, arranging recording and producing their songs. We are especially grateful to John for organising Merton Music Foundation students to act as session musicians for us.

I always have high expectations for all the children at St Teresa’s but I was not prepared for quite how good these songs actually are! The lyrics, the harmonies, the raps, the structure of the songs is all down to the children.

Thanks must go to Mr Dachtler who was never in any doubt that the songs would be good and made it possible for us to go to the studio for the day.

The video below shows what we actually got up to during the day and was recorded and edited by my son Andrew. I’m not so keen about the crazy shots of me but apart from that it will give you a taste of what the day was like!

Behind the scenes

Interview with Mighty River composers

Listen to the songs.
if you watched the video you heard just a snippet from the songs. Click on the songs below to hear them all the way through. They are well worth a listen!