Hello choir!

IMG 7716 Hello choir!IMG 7726 e1413916469848 Hello choir! IMG 7723 Hello choir!It was lovely to get together with choir today at lunchtime. I am taking over the week to week practises from Mrs Aransiola as she is very busy with all her responsibilities at school. We still have a few details to iron out but we are going to be meeting regularly on Tuesday lunchtimes next half term.

image3 Hello choir!

IMG 7721 Hello choir!

IMG 7724 e1413917093844 Hello choir!

Making sounds with water

image Making sounds with waterimage1 Making sounds with waterimage2 Making sounds with water


Year 3 created some amazing sounds today using wine glasses & water! They did some fantastic listening too. They were able to work out a rule for the pitch. Please don’t do this at home without making sure an adult is supervising carefully!