About this blog & our curriculum.

This is the school music blog for St Teresa’s School. We believe music is vital for our development. You can follow our blog to find out what we are learning, to listen to our music making and to learn more about music.

This is the curriculum we will be following this year 2019 – 20

Year Autumn 1
1 Finding our singing voice/Harvest
2 Harvest
3 Lullabies
4 Wider Opps with MMF
5 Ostinatos
6  Protest songs

Year Autumn 2
1 Christmas music
2 “Ice”
3 Introduction to the recorder
4 Wider opps with MMF
5 African rhythms
6 Hip hop & rap

Year Spring 1
1 Chinese New Year
2 “I wanna play in a band”
3 Composing a jingle
4 Wider Opps with MMF
5 Tudor music
6 “The Magic Piano”

Year Spring 2
1 Voiceworks
2 Body percussion
3 Recorder concert
4 Wider Opps with MMF
5 Easter production/ BeatFest percussion project – “Chopsticks”
6 Analysing song structure/ BeatFest percussion project – “Stomp”

Year Summer 1

1 Carnival of the Animals/Peter & the Wolf
2 Carnival of the Animals/Peter & the Wolf
3 “Three Little Birds”
4 Wider Opps with MMF
5 Film music
6 Song writing

Year Summer 2
1 London Landmarks
2 Africa
3 The Romans & Sports songs
4 Wider Opps with MMF
5 Sport songs
6 Leavers show

These are our music lesson values:

Children are taught how to improve their singing, playing and composing.

They listen to a wide range of interesting, thought-provoking, good quality music from all around the world.

We ensure that children are given every opportunity to listen to live music.

Children are given the opportunity to perform for each other, to other classes, to parents and to an online audience.

Children are treated fairly and with kindness.

There is a co operation, teamwork, self- discipline, concentration, experimentation reflection and celebration.

The music making improves children’s maths, literacy, language and thinking skills.

Every child makes progress.

Below are the expectations for each child by year group

In Year 1 we will:

find our singing voice
discover the pulse
develop our thinking voice
make up our own songs
sort sounds and suggest symbols to represent sounds
listen, compose and perform.

In Year 2 we will:

learn how to use our voices differently
create our own rhythmic patterns
learn to read and write stick notation.
explore simple song structures
listen, compose and perform.

In Year 3 we will

develop our singing voices working on clear diction and accurate pitching
use dynamics (like volume, texture and structure) in our music making
learn to play a descant recorder
read the notes “B”, “A” & “G” on western staff notation
listen, compose and perform.

In Year 4 we will

work on blending our voices together and singing independent parts
explore pentatonic scales
analyse the structure of music and experiment with own composition
take part in the BBC 10 pieces project.
listen, compose and perform

In year 5 we will

investigate graphic scores
explore African polyrhythms
create soundtracks for movie trailers
recreate Tudor music
perform n the Easter production
listen, compose and perform

In year 6
we will

study rap, hip-hop and beatboxing
explore ostinatos
anyalse a Chopin extract used in the film “Magic Piano”, use the extract to create own short film
write leaving songs
edit our own musical portfolio to share with our secondary school.
listen, compose and perform

If you have any questions about our school music please leave a comment and we will get back to you. We are amazed at how many visitors we get from all around the world! We absolutely LOVE it when someone leaves us a comment and says hello – so if you have done,a big THANK YOU!

45 thoughts on “About this blog & our curriculum.

  1. Hi So I’ve Got An amazing Gargage Band Beat And I would like for you to listen to it but I don’t know how to show it because I cannot bring my IPad in to school so Ms Schindler Please Give me some Suggestions


  2. Every year you post a video that is about Christmas and i like the way you set it up and the way you get dressed up 🙂


  3. I really enjoy music lessosn in this school as we learn many interesting songs .Also,Mrs Schneider is very clear when she teaches us and lets us practice.Furthermore,i enjoy using the instruments as it gives us a chance to see and feel real musiscians’ experiance.Year 5’s music lessosn’s are great as it
    A)Gives us a great start to the week as it is on Monday
    B)We previously did a perfomance wich was a hit
    C)And lastly,we have the best music teacher in the world…
    Mrs Schneider!!!!!


    • Year 6 are taking the big solos but anyone can have a small solo.
      Final chorus we need about 8 rappers


  4. Do you know what happened on Monday at school,Sue came into the music room and she taught us a song which made me think of the poor people which are suffering a lot .I feel very sorry for all of them.Mrs shnider is the best music teacher ever in the school!


  5. My comment is saying that the lessons so far are going very well.I love it when Sue taught us the song named for people will come and people will go.Mrs Schneider is actually right ,this is the most exciting thing about music ever! Thank you Mrs Schneider for arranging this up. Bye Bye . See you every Monday.


    • Me too!
      Can I just remind you Michelle not to leave your surname on the comment box. We always just use our first names for this blog.


    • I liked the Echos video alot I wish that the project would happen sooner it is very fun the lessons are. Thank you


  6. i really like the blog because it inspires you that anyone can do music or play an instrument it doesn’t matter if your bad at playing an instrument it just matters if you enjoy it.
    I enjoy seeing who else has achieved their goal on the blog. I enjoy reading some of the comments people have written about an instrument or how they like the blog. The blog is filled with fun facts and inspirational thoughts . These are my opinions from what I know and enjoy about St Teresa’s music matters.

    Mia 6G


    • Come and talk to me and I will arrange to interview you!


    • I hope that you forfill your dream and i know that you will do well!!!!!


  7. We will really miss you when you go to manchester but yesterday I loved the song and the website is excellent and brilliant.I loved the song when all the boys and girls joined in for the song.


  8. Tody I looked at this blog and saw how many poeple were on the the blog , that makes me really 😉 happy 😉 as we all made our school blog international and there were countries such as Taiwan, poland , austrailia and america.


    • You can! What instrument would you like to learn?


  9. Mrs schneider I want to be a author because I would blog about all our music lessons.
    I would post many stuff about the royal albert hall and all the practice lessons for it .
    I would talk about the instruments we usually play.
    I would talk about visitors who come to help Miss Schneider do her music lessons.
    I would tell about how you play instruments very good.
    And sometimes there might be music competitions and I will talk about it.
    I would try to be a ICT Music person by telling people how to use laptops in music lessons,and what categories to go on if the teachers tell us,so I would post that in music matters.
    I would put ideas of what new instruments we would be using.


    • Jason you make a very powerful and persuasive argument. I will talk to Mrs Schofield about getting you added as a contributor on this blog. Thank you for taking the time to outline your reasons so thoughtfully.


    • Could u tell the school Iv e left to a new school I don t like st teresas like my school sry I will miss u all


  10. I like the simpsons theme tune!
    WOW how can he make sounds just with his hands


  11. This website is really interesting.
    There is a lot of things about St.Tereas ‘s music lessons.
    2.I remember our melody its

    CE CE DF D
    EG EG FA F
    CE BD CE C


  12. The reason that we came to england so we can have a better job and a better life, because in poland it was hard to get money and we couldn’t afford holidays.


  13. I hope from today there will be people introduced to this website and just have a flick through,and in one day they change their mind and become a singer


  14. The music is inspiring and it could make somebOdy in are class a singer one day so I hope this website will carry on with any teacher and never end I I wish you good luck mrs.schneider


  15. I like this blog because it is fun and interesting and you can show your family what you have been doing in music.


  16. 1.A glockenspiel is made of metal and it sounds louder
    And a xylophone is made out of wood and it it is not louder than the
    2.Yes I do remember the melody that we leant
    CE CE DF D
    EG EG FA F
    CE BD CE C
    I am really glad to have Miss Lilli as our music teacher when miss
    Lilli came i thought she was going to give us advice how to play
    the instruments that we are going to play like the calves and than I
    know she is going to teach us some instruments and notes and how to play the instruments and I having so much fun I have learnt
    so much things from miss lilli and thanks for miss schneider for a
    nice and good music.And I can not believe that miss lilli worked with
    Frank McComb Wayne Marshall Dennis Bovell Wayne Brown and
    DJ Chase Buch and the band is called the last minute Orchestra
    and miss lille has done a lot of work in singing.


    • Well done! You are the first person to answer the question explaining the difference between a xylophone & glockenspiel.

      Thanks for leaving such a positive comment. I am really glad you are enjoying working with myself & Ms Lilli!


    • this website is really interesting
      and I like it


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