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Hello, my name is christabel.  My hobbies are swimming, singing , dancing and DEFINETLY BLOGGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .

RAH just 2 days away!!

We are nearly there!. Year 5 have been working hard for the Royal Albert Hall. When you think about it, you get mixed emotions ! Your excited but your scared your going to mess up. Luckily , Soo and Pete encourage us which gives us more courage to do it.Miss H, Mrs A, Mrs R and Mrs O also encourage us.
It is on Monday 22 April 2013 and we are wearing light green tops.
Im really excited
Are you?
Any questions just ask!

Year 5 Royal Albert Hall Performance

Year 5 are all about to embark on a magical journey to the majestic Royal Albert Hall.Year 5 will be working really hard .We would like to thank Pete Churchhill for actually composing all these songs and teaching us. I would also like to thank Soo Bishop for going through all this stress to teach us the songs.Finally, I would like to thank all the other schools for taking part in this preformance.I cannot explain how we all are feeling here are lots of words:







I am sure there are lots more !

How are you feeling?

What words can you think of?

Do you have any questions?


Thank you

I am so excited to go to Royal Albert Hall . Our Year 4 music journey was great now another one!I would like to thank Miss Segdwick for being a wonderful teacher. You were funny ,a great singer ,a great dancer and especially a loyal teacher.

I wound like to thank Miss Mcgraph for  helping us in this project and also being a great funny exciting  teacher and Miss Heffron for giving us this extraordinary new start.

Then , Miss Schnieder for being a brilliant,caring,cheerful,bright,bold,compassionate,courageous teacher.

Thank you so much.Last of all I wound like to thank year 5 for being a wonderful class .You have been loyal , majestic, marvelous ,motivating ,optimistic ,original ,passionate,friendly,generous,gifted ,glorious, gracious,helpful,honorable,incredible,inspiring year thank you sooo much..



Music is love
Music is joyful
Music is peaceful
Music is a journal
Music has feelings
Music has emotion
Music tells stories
Music is unpredictable
Music is exciting
Music holds memories

Music is what makes you move
Music is what makes you groove
Music can be good or bad depending on how its used
Music can make you choose different clothes to wear
Music can make you change your hair
Music can make you choose new friends
Music can make you want to dance
Music can make you fight
Music can make everything alright
Music can take care of you when your alone
Music can make everything feel like home
Music can harm and take away
Music can make you want to stay
Music is the only friend I have
Music is my mom and dad
Music is what keeps me alive

Without music I cant survive.