About Mrs Schneider

I teach music at St Teresa’s and Poplar Primary in the London Borough of Merton. I am interested in using blogging to teach music. I love twitter, reading, radio 4 and I am a HUGE fan of The Archers

Developing our percussion pieces

Year 5 have been hard at work creating and performing percussion pieces. It is a tricky business which requires concentration, good team work, excellent listening skills and a strong sense of pulse. These pieces aren’t finished but I have recorded a selection of pieces so we can assess how they sound and suggest improvements.

Yr 5 – in development group 1

Year 5 are are creating their own percussion pieces for MMF #Bestfest

Changing Places Toilets

Year 6 are learning about equality. Below is some information about the struggles many disabled people face when they need to go to the toilet. Here are some useful links:

This is about the campaign for Changing Places toilets

Have a look at the Mobiloo site. Below is me being interviewed in a mobiloo.

This is a blog written by Adam’s Mum. it explains her families frustrations at not being able to take part in family activities. It is called “Ordinary Hopes”.

It can be embarrassing talking about toilets. But lack of these toilets stops people going to work, to the shops, to restaurants, to concerts and even sometimes to see the doctor. Is it fair that we don’t provide the same facilities for some disabled people as we do for everyone else? What do you think?