About Mrs Schneider

I teach music at St Teresa’s and Poplar Primary in the London Borough of Merton. I am interested in using blogging to teach music. I love twitter, reading, radio 4 and I am a HUGE fan of The Archers

A very special choir for a very special day.

As you will know our school community celebrated a very special anniversary this week. Father John asked for 80 adult volunteers to make up a choir to sing in the Mass. Some of the volunteers were very nervous. They had to come to several rehearsals and really concentrate hard as some of the music they were singing was quite tricky. They did a great job! Maybe some of your parents were part of the choir? I spotted Mrs Malone and Mrs Isaacs in the front row of the sopranos!


I popped into their final rehearsal to have a listen and I made a few recordings of them. Do have a listen and leave them a comment. I really think they should all be congratulated on blending their voices to create such a beautiful sound.

To you, O lord I lift my soul.

This is my body

Et Investus est Justus


Don’t they sound fantastic? Well done to everyone who took part.

It was a busy day for Mrs Malone – as well as singing in the choir she was given a very special award in recognition of the incredible work she has done in the Church for the last 30 years! Well done Mrs Malone!


And finally, here are a few snaps of the choir and of everyone celebrating back at the school. 

Year 4 project

Look out for year 4 carrying their guitars and trumpets carefully around school on Wednesdays! They are lucky enough to be taking part in a special instrumental project this year. many of you may know Soo Bishop, who is a director of Merton Music Foundation. She will be coming into school every week to teach trumpet.

My name is Soo Bishop and I am a music teacher, singer and  trumpeter. I began playing the trumpet when I was 12 because I really loved the sound. It also seemed much easier than the piano ( which I was already learning – it’s HARD!). I went to the Royal Academy of Music in London to study the trumpet when I was 18, then played in many different professional bands and ensembles around the country. I am now 1st Trumpet with the Central Band of the Royal British Legion. We play a huge range of music from films, TV, theatre, classical and jazz. I love playing with the band – my picture shows me in my band uniform!  I also really enjoy teaching and I have worked for MMF for 15 years, running lots of choirs and choral projects with 1,000s of children in Merton schools. I am really looking forward to teaching at St Teresa’s.

Soo will be joining Tom and Joe in teaching here o Wednesday afternoons.

You can follow the progress of the year 4 project on their own WCET page here