About Mrs Schneider

I teach music at St Teresa’s and Poplar Primary in the London Borough of Merton. I am interested in using blogging to teach music. I love twitter, reading, radio 4 and I am a HUGE fan of The Archers

Recording Year 6 songs

On Friday Ms Malone, mr Williams and and I went to Crown Lane Studio’s to spend the day recording songs that year 6 had written. It was hard work and took huge amounts of concentration. We managed to get 7 songs recorded!

This video will give you an idea of the day.

As soon as the songs are ready I will put them up. Watch this space!

Thank you Sara!

Merton Music Foundation has kindly given free clarinet lessons to children at St Teresas’s and Malmesbury to encourage children to start learning a musical instrument.

Sara Grint came to our music room every week to teach us. Thank you Sara!

If you would be interested in learning an instrument please leave a message below.

Thank you Melory!

I was absolutely thrilled to be given this beautiful piece of artwork from Melory for our music room. Melory was inspired to create it after her amazing music workshop with Ed and Rafe this Friday.

Thank you Melory. You are a talented artist and musician!