Blogging rules

1. Use only first names

2. Remember our e-safety rules and never share personal information

3. Write clearly and carefully – no text talk here!

4. Always re read and check your comments BEFORE you post.

30 thoughts on “Blogging rules

  1. The song People will come and People will go is amazing and the website is really helpful and fun to read.


    • We was happy to you unjoy to go on in this school


  2. I was very joyful about the think the Austalien did.He was AMAZING to heard that buthiful song ….

    You our was came d’Austilia that was a big voiyage to go to elototh of cantinent.
    We thank you for came on this Prymari School….



  3. I appreciate the way you; Miss Schneider want things to be done and I will try my hardest to follow them. If I do accidentally break the rules, I apoligise and will attempt as hard and much as I can to not repeat it.


  4. I think the rules are great because all of them are the things you should do and not what you shouldn’t do.


  5. Hi what did you learn at the ict meeting because l was not in because I had tonsillitis but any way I am better now and well, well bye

    you sinserely



  6. This blog is very useful and it is much better than Ring Around The World becasue more people are commenting on this blog more than the ring around the world blog.

    I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THIS BLOG IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • So , you didnt like ring around the world Jeffrey! That was really fun!


  7. You should not give out eMails even though it s a safe website it s still dangerous because it goes on yOur music matters account and it shows completely all your e emails because a boy s been through it


    • Thanks Andell – but not all down to me. We have a few year 5 students writing posts and all the comments make it interesting.


    • Actually Jennifer it isn’t possible to leave rude messages on the blog 🙂
      I try to make my rules positive (ie what you SHOULD do) rather than negative (ie what you SHOULD NOT do)

      Does that make sense?


  8. this blog is international in other words any kind of people can use this website

    this is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • We’ve had our first visitor from Australia leave a comment! Have a look at the home page)


    • Well done Matteo! – your first comment.


    • Matteo, your first comment is brilliant.


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