Here come the Lions!


I hope you enjoyed our last lesson when we did a great job of moving like kangaroos in time to the music. This week we are going to be exploring the lions music.

This piece of music comes right at the beginning and is called The Introduction and the Lion’s royal march.

There are lots of picture book based on this piece of music. Some of you may even have a copy at home? Why don’t you have a good luck in the classroom or in a public library to see if you can find a copy. I bet some of you even have the CD at home. Ask your parents tonight!

If anyone is lucky enough to have an iPad you can buy a very good app which shows the musicians and includes cartoons

carnival of the animals

2 thoughts on “Here come the Lions!

  1. I have a iPad and i will definitely get that ipad but is it for free because we do not get apps that you need to pay for


    • It isn’t free Emmanuella – it costs £2.49. If you want to listen to Carnival of the Animals for free there are some very good clips on youTube. Are you going to bring your clarinet into school tomorrow so I can record you?


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