The new choir!

In our school choir we have some many new year 4 pupils come in from the auditions a few year 5 and 6 pupils too.We have done many performances throughout the beggining of our school year we even performed for our head teachers Birthday,wich was such fun as we tried on our robes for the first time!We are currently practicing for the Advent service coming up in winter.Alot of solo positions will be given out too as we have alot of songs to sing and practise.It has been a privilege to perform in choir and we all dearly enjoy it!But we must also thank our wonderful choir leader who always it fun and sing’s amazingly!
I hope this has filled you with enough information about choir.I will try to post daily and tell you if anything else happens.
A choir member

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    • Me neither!I do get a bit nervous though,but in the end it always turns out fine!


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