Hello governors!

Dear Governors,

we are going to be entering a Guardian competition to try to win £5000 to spend on music in our school.The judges of the competition want to choose a school where the children, staff and whole school community have worked together to choose something that will really improve our school. I am using this blog as part of our application process so the judges can see how many of our school community have taken part. If you click here you can read the comments the children have already left. I would really urge you to do so as the children have left some thoughtful, intelligent and perceptive comments that deserve to be widely read.

Below are the 3 different ideas I have proposed

Idea 1: Buy 30 djembe (drums) and employ a special teacher to teach us how to play so we can then teach others. We could then set up a djembe club for after school. We could invite Mums and Dads to come and learn to play.The after school club could play them. We could make “how to play djembe videos to put on youTube. I think it would make the school an even happier place and would help classes really work as a team

Idea 2 : Buy 10 ipads

and set up a garageband orchestra! As well as using them for a garageband group we could also use them in music lessons to record our work, make films, take pictures and blog. We could set up our own youTube channel to showcase our work. We could set ourselves the aim of teaching other people in our community more about music using the ipads to communicate how.

Idea 3 : Buy 30 ukeles and set up our own ukele orchestra.Like the djembe idea we could then use them in an afterschool club,teach grownups etc.

Do you have any other ideas? Please tell me – leave a comment below.

We need to choose just one idea and then we need to get as many people as possible to say WHY it would be a great project for the school.

Will you help me by leaving me a comment below telling me which idea we should choose and then once we have picked an idea we can then start to put an entry together. I NEED AS MANY COMMENTS AS POSSIBLE so I can show judges that this is is something the school wants!

I would really appreciate a governor perspective so I hope that as many of you as possible will leave a comment!

3 thoughts on “Hello governors!

  1. I think we could use the £5000 making the MUSIC ROOM bigger!
    My other Idea is we can get more instruments like pianos `cause there are lots of children that like playing on the piano.
    My last idea is that we can make the music room more Hi-tec.


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