How would you spend £5000 in the music room?

I have just found a competition in the Guardian Newspaper. They want children and teachers to come up with an inspirational idea that will change our school for the better. I have decided we can enter this competition for the music room. However we can only enter if we have the support of lots and lots of students, parents, governors and staff.

Here are 3 ideas for how we could use £5000

Idea 1: Buy 30 djembe (drums) and employ a special teacher to teach us how to play so we can then teach others. We could then set up a djembe club for after school. We could invite Mums and Dads to come and learn to play.The after school club could play them. We could make “how to play djembe videos to put on youTube. I think it would make the school an even happier place and would help classes really work as a team

Idea 2 : Buy 10 ipads

and set up a garageband orchestra! As well as using them for a garageband group we could also use them in music lessons to record our work, make films, take pictures and blog. We could set up our own youTube channel to showcase our work. We could set ourselves the aim of teaching other people in our community more about music using the ipads to communicate how.

Idea 3 : Buy 30 ukeles and set up our own ukele orchestra.Like the djembe idea we could then use them in an afterschool club,teach grownups etc.

Do you have any other ideas? Please tell me – leave a comment below.

We need to choose just one idea and then we need to get as many people as possible to say WHY it would be a great project for the school.

Will you help me by leaving me a comment below telling me which idea we should choose and then once we have picked an idea we can then start to put an entry together. I NEED AS MANY COMMENTS AS POSSIBLE so I can show judges that this is is something the school wants!

You are welcome to enter the competition with ideas other than music but I am going to focus on some music ideas. You can read more about the competition by clicking here

78 thoughts on “How would you spend £5000 in the music room?

  1. If the school was granted £5000 , I would spend it on ten French horns,Banjos and Ukulieses. I think these instruments are necesarry in school because all of these instruments give hands on experience.


  2. As manager of (we provide fast troubleshooting advice on iPad implementation) I am a little biased on what you should buy. I am also a lover of music so love the drum idea. The iPad though is a fantastic resource for all areas. Recording and filming music on the iPad is amazing and provides collaborative opportunities for musicians. There is a variety of apps that provide recording and composing tools and the possibilities are endless. This said there is still nothing like the real thing and a set of drums would be a valuable learning asset to. I would suggest that the iPads would provide more students with an opportunity to be creative. Please contact us through our website for any support, including information on which apps to buy and how to get the best out of your iPads. Marketing manager of


  3. This is a really great discussion – and I hope you win the prize! If you do, I’m sure you will spend the money wisely and end up making great music whichever route you take. Is Mrs Schneider going to summarise the discussions here?


  4. We think that it would be a good idea if you invested in 10 IPADS as they would help them use moden day technologhy!


  5. I would choose the Ukulele because it would teach people to play a new instrement


  6. I think that we should buy the 10 ipads because at wet play we can record ourself, also in our music lessons we can make our own little orchestra.:):p:)


  7. I would spend the £5000 on the 10 ipads because I think the little children will be more enthusiastic. We will be able to do lots more things on the ipad and will make a big difference to the school.


  8. I think that we should get the 30 ukulele’s because I play the ukulele myself at home. I enjoy playing it and i would like to see all the classes playing it.


  9. I think that that the others and i, would think that the ipads would be better to use in our music lessons.We will enjoy learning music on the ipads and if other people need to use the laptops then they will be able to, because we will be using the ipads. We will also be able to workas a team when doing music.


  10. I think that you should get the Ipads beacause children would think its intereting and fun.Children will learn lots more by using music apps for eg. garage band and much more.Maybe children will change their attitude towards learning and towards school.The children might think about being a musician or a song writter.


  11. i would pick the djembe because there would be enough for every person ina class and we would not have to borrow them. We would maybe be able to do some after school clubs and we will be able to use them in some of our lessons.They would also be fun to use.


  12. I think we should get the IPADS because when we do things like songwriting we can write our ideas on the IPADS and send them to our music teacher Mrs schneider and when we make our garage band orcestra we can choose different instruments instead of raising even more money to buy new instruments.
    It would be a revoloution in music teaching.
    That is why i vote for the IPADS


  13. I would go for the Ipads because it would be good because if Mrs Schineider is tyring to explain on her ipad we would be able to follow her lead. Also I think it would be a great idea to make a garage band orchestra with all all the different instruments. And also they will come in handy for music. 😀 ;0 🙂 ;o o_O


  14. we picked the ipads because it is a new generation of learning !so we have the opprtunity to do face time other schools and we can browse on the garage band app,learn some new instrumunts on the Ipad and chior could use them for their scale warmn ups and then they could use them to create videos of their performences on youtube . we would love to have the £5000 pounds for the 10-15 Ipads


  15. I’d choose the 10 Ipads becuase we could use the garageband app and we could have so much more instuments rather than just the uke. I VOTE FOR THE IPADS!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. I would LOVE if our school won the £5000.My idea is to have a orciestra based on recorders.Why, you ask well that will prove that our school will be better,we can do some concerts to put it on blog or help charitys.That’s why i think we should by 30 recorders.


  17. Ipads


    I want 10 ipads because i think it will inspire our generation in using techonology please judges select our school yeah Rock onnn


  18. the ipads becausewe could make some cool tunes.
    or we could have the key bored so people can try some new tunes


  19. the ipad is my best choice because, i have my own ipad and it’s very useful and if we don’t have an instrument we can use an app for an intrument.
    Plus you can also do music editing, at hsome i made a nice tune on an app named CARLOS DJ and just incase you are required to have flash player just get rover because you can’t download flash player on an ipad
    yours scincerly
    katrina 6P


  20. I would definitely vote for 10 ipads to be bought if we can get £5000 from The Guardian Newspaper because throughout the past music lessons if we had 10 ipads then lessons would have been on ipads also we could make an orchestra with the garbage bans on the ipads. W e could also have ,more fun and excitement in the lessons.


  21. I think that buying 10 ipads might be a flabaglasting idea
    because lessons will be fun
    there’s 30 in a class & 28 in 1class so it would be 3 between 1 and we all love garage band


  22. I would love to have 10 ipads availiable in school because it would give loads of oppitunitys in school. Also, we could play lots of instruments in school on them which would be great. We could facechat witgh other schools which would be great!!


  23. IPADS!!!!!!!
    I would like to choose the ipads because we can learn to play different insturments all with a touch.


  24. I think it would be a good idear to by 10 ipads because we could use face time and talk to a laidie called sue to coment about are lesson.we could also use garidage band to use the instruments on that even if we dont have the instruments in school.


  25. with £5000 I would like the school to get ipad’s the reason for that was because I think that everyone would like to use the ipad. Plus they would probably like to use it because it’s a new genaration


  26. I think that the ipads are the best idea because we culd do workn on them and then save it and i think its a good idea because we could play instruments on them and we could talk to people on them.


  27. If i had 5000 pounds i would buy 10 ipads so that my class and i could go on a lot more instruments and we could take pictures of what we are doing and send to someone from our class that is sick


    • How would iPads help people who are off sick?


  28. I have read through the postings and my thoughts are split. I really like the idea of the actual instruments because the feel of them cannot be replicated on the IPAD. However the versatility of the IPAD and the possibilities of how it could be used are endless!!

    I am also thinking about the working life of an IPAD versus the Djembe,Ukelele..I would like to know your thoughts on this..?

    If we win the competition I would be happy to discuss with Governors, the possibility of helping to subsidise both!!

    Thank you to Mrs. Schneider for spotting this competion. I would love to see us take music to another level beyond the walls of our school – so that the whole community could benefit!

    Mr. Dachtler


  29. I think that we should get the ipad because they will hlp iprove our school understanding of techonolgy.


  30. We think that we can by Velencia Guitars because they are only £33 pounds and with the £5000 pounds we can by 1666 of them! We think that this can help the school by

    :Making us better at learning notes

    :We can help children be intersted in learning instruments

    :It can help children belive that they play any instrument

    :To help children be more interested in music

    :It can help children have a better future

    We hope you will agree to our suggestions

    Your sincerely
    Chantelle and Christabel


    • Could you check your maths again please! Well done for doing the research & finding the cost of the guitars. Can you let me know how many guitars you could buy for £5000 please 🙂


    • You could buy 1666 Guitars and still have some money for something else.


    • You need to look at the numbers more closely! What is 1665 X 33 ?


    • 54978 .To much I am so sorry miss ill do the proper maths again. Im so clumsy. Silly me!!! 🙂


    • Please don’t worry Christabel! Everyone makes mistakes. I don’t think you are silly at all!


  31. dion and kireeshan think that we should buy 30 keyboards which cost £ 5670 and we think that if we get some songs and teach it to people then they would really like it and it would make people happy.


    • i don’t think it would be a good idea because we only have £5,0000 not £5670!


  32. I that it would be a good idea to buy 10 ipads because it would make lessons more fun and it would be better because we would be able to record ourselfs singing. we will also be able to look at other stuff


  33. we think the music room should have 10 ipads because mrs schneidr always has to connect it to the internet before we can all see it on the interactive whiteboard.It will be better if we have 1 between 3 because we will be able to see it better and we will be able to have a go at music game to help us improve our music skills.


  34. What I would want to spend £5000 pounds on is on 30 djembes because when we have one each, we could concerntrate more on our own work but when we are working with our partners/groupes, we wouldn’t be able to cooperate or we’d just keep on talking about something that is not included in the lesson. Students will find it more easier to work with an object all by themselves. It would be more quiter in the music room like teachers would want it to be. No one would be fustrated or annoyed.


  35. jedd thinks that the i pad idea is great because if people want to learn an instrument, they can learn how to play the instrument quick and fast.

    Emmanuel thinks that idea number two is good as well becuase we can learn music notes
    and we can play instruments . we can make music vidio’s about what we are learning and put it on the blog.


  36. Me and Plamen think idea Number two is useful because I think the pupils will enjoy making an orchestra, and we will put it on youtube! We also think buying ten ipads are useful because we could learn instruments more faster.




    • Why would you prefer iPod touch to the iPad. Can you explain how you would use the ipod touch




  38. ellie-mae-
    i think it would be a good idea to get the ipads because it would make music lessons more fun and interesting because we could post videos and have a ipad musical band!!
    i think it would be a good idea to get ipads because it would be really intesting and fantastic and we can make a music band!!!!!!!!!!


  39. I think that it would be a good idea if we bought 10 ipads because it could help us in music and we can take pictures and vidos and post them.


  40. We have chosen the ipad bcause we can explore music in a diffrent way.


  41. I think idea number 2 because we can do facetime to some school and do the garage band


  42. We would like to pick the ipad because it will help us learn more and we can do more fun lesons


  43. i think u should get my own opinion a mac sort of the same as a laptop


  44. We think that we should buy 10 ipads to learn about more music instead of 1 insterment you can play how many you like.


  45. Me and Honey think that 15 ipads.
    It will be better for yr 4,5,and 6.when it is music time we can have a go on the ipads and maybe listen to some music.


  46. Maria and I also have another idea to spend for music. We thought about having 15 acoustic guitars for each class to learn. I t would be interesting to learn music on the guitars as this could turn out to be something amazing and one day someone might become a musican with a guitar and they might think,’ I remember what made me do this’.


    • dear maria and antonia,
      we do not agree on what you chosen to spend the money on. we think 15 guitars is too much even though it would not add up to £5,000 and it wouldn’t really boost our skills.
      ellie-mae+donya 5h


  47. Kuharadan and Karthik:
    I think that the Ipads would be a good choice because everyone will like it and we could show it to our parents. My second choice is the ukeles I have seen it being played and I would like to play one. I also think that other people will like it too but I think that the Ipads will be the best choice for me. It would make a difference to the school because, if children did not have a good day, they can play music on the Ipads and they will be happy if they have a music lesson.


  48. I would like to learn how to play the ukeles.
    I think is a good Idea to have a club for parents or children or dinners ladies because we can all learn an instrument that people don’t even like to learn


  49. I think our school should buy thirty djembes because we could make videos and show people on youtube how to play the djembes.We could play it to our parents and also we could make a band and play it out on the streets.We could also teach people on the street to play the djembes.I hope you agreewith us .By Bhashana and Holly B


  50. I would like the djembes because it would be fun to learn and teach the djembes to other students and adults.Also it would be good to be able to have a djembe band.


  51. Holly.w and I think that it would be a great idea if the music room were to have a complete makeover! The music room is used so often, and it would be nice if it was to be somewhere where people enjoy and felt comfortable in. If we had the money to put some slight changes in the music room, it would be great, for it’s not only a place where Mrs Schnieder teaches us or does her work, but it is also where the chior reherses thier performances.


    • We would like to add to our previous post, to what we would like to have in our music room. For instance, we curantly have black paint on our walls and would like a much brighter colour to lift up our moods. The storage units for our instruments etc, are quite unfashioned and old, we can see them crying out for replacement 🙂 In our music room we would like to use the money to buy new instruments as it would be nice and traditional to get some more. This will benift our learning in so many ways. And we would really like these changes to be made. Thank you 🙂
      By Holly and Joy


  52. Antonia: I would love to have the ipads as they are so useful and good for so many things, if we don’t manage to get them, then I would pick the djembes.

    Maria: I would love to have the djembes I want to learn new new ways of music with drums. If we didn’t get them I would pick the ipads.


  53. I think its a good idea for Ipad because there is lots of music in the Ipad.


  54. I would like to pick the Ipads because I think that the pupils in this school will really enjoy it. My second option is the ukeles.


  55. I think we should by the 30 djembes because we could perform it in front of our parents and put it on youtube.


  56. We would like to have the ipads in our music lessons because it would help us to understand how you can use them in our music.We think that the ipads will help us and the school in our music.If that is not possible we would like the ukeles and to have a band.


  57. I and Ashley vote the Ipads because if we make an orchestra, this room will be full of music to our ears!


  58. I think its a good idea for Ipads but if we couldnt have them i would choose the ukeles .


  59. As the school’s ICT technician, I would love to see a set of iPads in the music room. I have seen the wonderful way one iPad is used in the music room, and how you have persevered using the net books to enhance your learning in there. I can only imagine how fantastic a St Teresa’s GarageBand Band would be! Especially with Mrs Schneider as band leader. Your blogging has been amazing and this would really give you something to blog n blag about…..


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