Mrs Aransiola’s own musical journey ….

Firstly, let me congratulate all you young musicians on you wonderful talent and ambition to play an instrument. Music always brings joy to everyone hearts, and its a wonderful gift to have for the future.

I began to show an interest in playing the piano from the age of 3. I came from quite a musical background, my mother was a member of the church choir and regularly sang at the Royal Albert hall and aunties and uncles were also singers or musicians in jazz/ gospel bands, so I guess you can say music ran through my veins. My grandmother had a piano and I remember every Sunday after church I would sneak into the lounge to play it.

I began having lessons at an evening school but very quickly it was noticed by the tutors and was quite apparent that I had a natural gift. My mother was told to invest her time and money into finding a classical pianist tutor.

From an advertisement in the local library, the wonderful Mrs Chu, a philharmonic pianist was found and offered to tutor me at a discounted rate. She was absolutely awesome and taught me everything I know. I remained under her tuition for 15 years.

On my 13th birthday I received my very own piano, specially made and engraved with my name on it ( I still have today!!) I remember it as though it was yesterday, practicing scales, broken chords and arpeggios and exam pieces to take grade exams, for 2 hours every day. Now that’s dedication!

My fondest memory was playing the grand pipe organ for a church easter conference at the Royal Albert hall, and then to return over 10 years later as a choir teacher and part of the mass choir of children and staff performing in one of Peter Churchill’s projects. Just jaw dropping!

From the words of a famous song “music was my first love and it will be last, music of the future and music of the past”.

Mrs Aransiola

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  1. Miss, I think that is a lovely life story Mrs.A of your musical background I hope your children will follow in your footsteps.


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