Are you a beginner guitar player in Merton?

I have just had a message from Ed about a special group he is running on saturday mornings for children who have just started to learn the guitar.

“Young Strummers” is a new group for primary school guitarists taking place on Saturdays from 9am-10am at the Chaucer Centre (SM46PX), as part of Merton Music Foundation’s Saturday Music Centre. The focus of the group will be on enjoying playing the guitar as part of an ensemble, as well as developing aspects of general musicality, note reading and playing chords. Sessions will include a mixture of working through classical pieces and pop songs and will hopefully encourage young guitarists to take their playing to a higher level. Pupils are also encouraged to join Merton Young Voices, a KS2 choir running from 9am-10am during term time, at no extra cost.

For more information and costs of the guitar group please contact Ed Babar on or 020 8640 5446.

Ed is a brilliant musician and a fab teacher so I would encourage you to ask your parents and then get in touch with him. It is great fun having the opportunity to play alongside other people.

Ed Babar Guitar

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  1. I started playing the guitar a couple weeks ago but my guitar teacher stoped because she got a new job . I would really like to play again. 🙁


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