Aris and McQuire

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This is McQuire.

He loves to play the drums. He hasn’t got a drum kit at home so he comes into school to practise. He has been teaching himself. I love the fact that he is such an independent learner that sets himself high standards! Have a listen to the drum solo that he composed.


I am so impressed with how he has constructed this piece. Well done McQuire. Please leave him a comment below.

This is Aris

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This is Aris with his first clarinet! He has been learning with a clarineo but moved up to a clarinet this week. Have a listen to him play.


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Can you see the badge Aris is wearing? Aris has been accepted on to the “Mayors music fund” to help him develop his musicianship. He has to work very hard. Please leave Aris a comment below.

We are very proud of all our young musicians who are are working hard. We know that their dedication will pay off! If you have been inspired by their example why not talk to me about learning to play a musical instrument? We are very keen to help and support anyone who is prepared to work hard!

I know that both boys would love to hear what you think of their playing!

33 thoughts on “Aris and McQuire

  1. Thank you Mr. Dachtler and to everyone who have left lovely and inspiring comments!


  2. Hi Chrissy!
    Thank you very much for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it so much!


  3. I really liked your minuet Aris and I really liked your drumming skills Maguire. You both were fantastic and fabulous.


  4. I like the tamel song.see you later i also like your tamel dance it was fantastic.


  5. Mcuire your drums are fablous and i think in the school you are the best in the school at the drums.Aris i thought you are fablous at the clarinet and same i thing you are the best at the school is clairenet person in the school and you both where fablous.


  6. I thought you boys were fabilous and i really enjoyed watching the video. That was the best boys playing instraments and good luck.


  7. I relly like how you play Aris and mcquire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Well done, Aris, I really enjoyed your solo. I have always loved the sound of the clarinet. Great news about the Mayor’s Music Fund, also. I am sure the hard work will pay off.


  9. Aris is a very talented friend. He is the best! Well done on getting your black clarinet.


  10. A dynamic drum solo from McQuire and and a classy clarinet solo from Aris!
    I really like the fact that you both work so hard on your instruments – the results are here for all to see!

    You are both truly inspirational!

    Mr. Dachtler


  11. So good to see and hear music work of this quality taking place. Well done, both!


  12. Great work both of you. Loved the drum composition and thoroughly enjoyed hearing Bach’s Minuet in G on the clarinet. Both instruments have such a broad repertoire – you’ll be able to play in orchestras, bands or play solo. Carry on the excellent work and music will bring you a lot of fulfilment and enjoyment.


  13. Well done boys! Keep up the playing and we’ll look forward to hearing more of your playing in the future


  14. Well done both of you! McQuire’s drumming is very disciplined and I am very impressed that he composed the solo himself. Aris’s playing is musical and fluent. Very talented musicians both. Now I have to go and find out where I recognise that Minuet from…


  15. Well done boys, keep up the hard work and don’t forget to keep performing to others as much as you can!


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