Meet some young musicians

This is Emmanuella. She started to learn the clarinet when she was 7 years old and in year 3. She borrows her clarinet from Sutton Music Services. Her teacher is called Tyra and she teaches Emmanuella every wednesday. As well as having lessons Emmanuella plays in a band.

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Emmanuella chose the clarinet because it was unusual instrument and no one else in her family can play it

Liam is learning the guitar. He has lessons with the Merton Music Foundation and his teacher is called Julian. Liam liked listening to Queen songs and that inspired him to learn the guitar.


Isabelle doesnt have lessons but she has a keyboard at home. Her Grandma bought her a book of tunes.Isabelle is now practising and teaching herself how to play.


Below is Dan.

You can listen to him playing Steamline Express. My favourite part is when you hear the train whistle blow. Dan is a talented young musician.

I am very impressed with all our young musicians this week. They are dedicated and hardworking. Well done to all of them! If you have any questions for them then please leave them a comment below

7 thoughts on “Meet some young musicians

  1. thank u guys very strng comments and I know you couldnt hear myne that good but I didnt just ike mine i liked the oother ones as well.


  2. Hi Mrs. Schnieder, thank you for featuring Dan in your blog. He was really excited to show us his video. He is now more inspired to practice with his keyboard.
    By the way, his name is just Dan , not Daniel.
    Many Thanks,
    Dan’s Mum


    • Thank you Dan’s Mum for leaving me the comment. I am sorry I put his name up wrongly – I will correct it now! Dan is doing really well and I am so pleased to hear that being featured as a young musician is helping him to practise more at home!

      I hope that you will continue to visit our blog and look at the children’s work. Thanks again for leaving the comment.


  3. Hi you 3 and daniel. Well done. I can play a little bit like isabelle and daniel but only 3 or 4 tunes


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