Meet a young musician

This Is Rhodie and she has been learning the violin since she was in reception


Have a listen to her playing.

Isn’t she fabulous? Rhodie practises carefully and regularly. I think she is a fantastic young musician

8 thoughts on “Meet a young musician

  1. Keep up the good work, Rhodie!
    Thank you very much for encouraging the young musicians of St. Teresa’s, Mrs. Schneider!


  2. Thank you Mrs Schneider for putting me on the blog, I really appreciate it! I showed it to my brother and my dad and they were so pleased! I hope my mum feels the same way! And once again, THANK YOU!!! 🙂


    • It is my pleasure Rhodie. You are such a brilliant role model for us all!


    • I just hope that more people are inspired to play and instrument!


  3. Rhodie did really well!. I tried playing the violin but i couldnt do it!. It must of taken a long time to do that!


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