Meet some young musicians.

Today I would like to tell you about 2 of our year 4 musicians.

Tiler is learning the piano.IMG_4255

Her Grandma is teaching her. She has a lesson once a week but she tries her hardest to practise every single school day.In March Tiler will be sitting her grade 1 piano exam. Have a listen to her playing “Captain Silver”

Isn’t she fantastic?

Neothshain is learning to play the drums.

Neothshain hopes to become a professional drummer when he is an adult. Him and his brother used to watch drum solo’s on YouTube and that is what gave him the idea to start learning. Like Tiler he tries hard to practise every day. He uses a cloth to damp down the sounds so it is not too loud. The piece he is playing is called Zigfunk.

So that is 2 more talented musicians at St Teresa’s you have had a chance to hear. If you have any questions for them or comments about their playing then please leave a comment in the reply box below.

37 thoughts on “Meet some young musicians.

  1. what about me Neth maybe my mum and your mum could have a chat about joining up as a duo and we will BE ROCKSTARS but as nash said practice makes perfect.


  2. I will reply again to neth and I have heard and seen
    you play your lovely but rocky tunes alot well done and one day you will be a superstar same goes to you tiler


  3. good playing mate youshould go in a band with tiler.and you are areally good player.


  4. Lovely playing, Tiler! Good luck with you exam – just keep practising and you will get better and better, and just enjoy your musicmaking


  5. Well done to both of you, you are both talented and your commitment and effort is paying off. Practising every day is the key to becoming a musician. Good luck to Tiler for the exam!


  6. Good luck with your exam Tiler. Do not forget to practice as much as you can, even if you would rather go outside and play. Mrs Schneider is there to help you so do ask if you get stuck or worried about your piano playing.


    • Thanks Liam for leaving an encouraging comment.


  7. Well done to both Tiler and Nethoshain!
    The pieces that are posted are brilliant and are the result of a real committment from both of you.
    I hope that others reading this blog will be inspired by you and consider taking up an instrument themselves…

    Keep it up!

    Mr. Dachtler


  8. WELL DONE!!! I think you both sounded amazing and I am very proud of you both! Keep it up!!!!
    I would love to come and listen to you play sometime so send me an invite 🙂

    Mrs Donald


  9. Wow!
    what a talented lot of children we have! Tiler and Neothshsin you are both shing stars…keep up the hard work. You Rock!
    Mrs Thomas


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