The Eclectics!

This band features a former St Teresa’s student, Taylor Blaszcyk. Aren’t they amazing? Be good to get them to perform at school for us! I am really grateful to Taylor’s brother Harry, for lettng me know about this great local band.

Jazzified nursery rhymes

Year 5 have been experimenting with elements of jazz. They were so inspired by the fantastic Lincoln Jazz centre workshop they attended. When we got back to class we had a go at improvising, exploring swing and taking it in turns to scat. I challenged them to use those elements to create a jazz version of a nursery rhyme. Have a listen to what these cool cats from Year 5 came up with. It is all their own work. I am so impressed with how creative they were in such a short space of time. There was some great teamwork going on!

Please have a listen and leave a comment below.

Twinkle yeah!

Row row row, row ow row ro row

Baa, Baa-Baa

Who’s that?

London Bridge

Duke Remix

Star Power


We are really looking forward to meeting the musicians from Lincoln jazz when we have our second workshop in July