Dreams of Air and Flight

Dear Year 5,

I hope that you enjoyed our trip to The Barbican to watch the London Symphony Orchestra perform “Dreams of Air and Flight” as much as I did.

Your behaviour was excellent, both travelling and whilst at the concert. I think you represented our school values extremely well.

I would now like you to write a review of the concert for me. I am sure that this will be helpful to the London Symphony Orchestra to know what you thought of the concert.

What parts of the concert did you like the best? Why? What bits were most memorable? Was there any music you didn’t enjoy? Have you got any questions you would like to ask about the music or the performance? Was the concert what you were expecting? Were there any surprises? Did any of the instruments grab your attention? Would you like to watch the Orchestra perform something else? How did this trip compare to other school trips you have done at school?

I really look forward to reading your replies and I will send a link to the LSO so they can read what you have written!,

Many thanks,
Mrs Schneider

PS, I will put your beautiful bird pictures up on the blog as soon as I get a spare minute! If you would like to sing along at home here is the link to the songs https://soundcloud.com/paul-rissmann/sets/farther/s-bZ3tb