Anyone heard of Chopin?

Chopin wrote the music, the pianist is Lang Lang and the Dubstep dancer is Marquese “nonstop” Scott

Only known photo of Chopin


Poland chopins birthplace

Chopin was born in Poland and is considered to be a brilliant composer and pianist. He was born in 1810 and died in 1849 aged 39 in Paris.

We are going to be studying the Etudes that Chopin wrote

It might sound a bit different from some of the music you usually listen to and I will be really interested in hearing your opinions once we get started.

Magic piano

Getting ready for Chinese new Year 2017

Chinese New Year is an important traditional Chinese holidays. Millions of people all over the world will be celebrating on 28th January. This will be the the Year of the Rooster.


Gong Xi is a very popular song written in the 1940’s. Originally it was written to celebrate the end of the war but then someone wrote lyrics to turn it into a new year song. Gong Xi means congratulations! We will be learning to sing this in our music lessons.

Below are lots of different video’s of the same song and if you scroll down to the final video you can learn how to play it on a keyboard.

Here are some interesting activities to help you learn more!