A message to Year 5 from Mrs Aransiola

Dear year 5,
I am just as excited as you are, even though this will be my fifth Royal Albert hall project spanning over 10 years. Wow! That sounds like a very long time. In actual fact it was exactly 4 years ago in my previous school that I participated in the same vocal project, the journey. I know the rehearsals can be quite tedious but even the non singers in our year group will feel the excitement build over the next few weeks, especially when all schools come together at the final rehearsal, St Marks Academy on the Sunday before. You are very fortunate to have Peter Churchill compose these songs for you and 1500 other children from Merton, he is truly a Jazz and Gospel musical legend. A great inspirational person!

I wanted to say how proud I was of you all during the rehearsal last Friday in the music room. You very quickly learnt new songs and the quality of sound produced was fantastic.

A big thank you to Mrs Schneider for your support in helping to teach the children the songs and to Soo Bishop, we thank you for the organisation of such wonderful lifetime opportunities such as these.

Mrs Aransiola

5 thoughts on “A message to Year 5 from Mrs Aransiola

  1. I am very excited about the project and I think all of you are to I am looking forward to learning the next new song. 🙂


    • You must double check with Mrs Aransiola but I think that your parents must make arrangements to collect you from Royal Albert Hall immediately after the show. They don’t have to buy tickets to watch you if they don’t wish to but they will still need to collect you. It should be an amazing concert!


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