Royal Albert Hall Peformance!

Year 5 are going to embark on a journey, not just a normal journey, a journey that Year 5 will never forget…

Year 5 and staff are travelling to the majestic Royal Albert Hall to peform lots and lots of songs which have been created by the amazing songwriter,’Pete Churchill’, but also a warm thanks to Soo Bishop who is very generous by using her time and by going through all this stress that we gave her with her tea,  teaching us the songs Pete Churchill has created.

This is going to be in front of over 10,000 people in the audience and if we are lucky, even our parents could be in the audience!

My opinion is that ‘Ride the Wind’ is the best song that Pete Churchill has made because it transforms your mood when the background song becomes heard.The background song goes like this, dun dun dun dun dun after every line.

And again, thank you very much Soo Bishop and Pete Churchill.

If anyone agrees please say so in your comments.

Thank You


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8 thoughts on “Royal Albert Hall Peformance!

    • Joshua, I think that this performance would prove our bravery.


  1. Well good luck with your journey to royal Albert hall make sure you know your lyrics


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