Thank you to everyone involved with “The Journey”

SooPete Churchill

Everyone at our school thanks Pete and Soo for taking some time to teach us the Journey songs. Everyone has their favraite part of the Journey and mine is “Ride the Wind. I like the sound of the music and the rhythm. We are all exited to perform at the Royal Albert Hall so we are determained to do our best.


Wordle: The Journey

5 thoughts on “Thank you to everyone involved with “The Journey”

  1. I like that,I can play the piono tommorow at lunch time
    if you like,it is very nice indeed ,but is kind of little.
    I will try my best and learn more.Thankyou! 🙂 smile

    I like tiler how she did on the piono,aspecialy the other guy with drums
    like TA! TA! RAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tiler was fantastic too!!!!!!!!!! BYE!


  2. Thank you Gabriella for writing such a good blog post. I have added some photographs 🙂


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