Thank you

I am so excited to go to Royal Albert Hall . Our Year 4 music journey was great now another one!I would like to thank Miss Segdwick for being a wonderful teacher. You were funny ,a great singer ,a great dancer and especially a loyal teacher.

I wound like to thank Miss Mcgraph for  helping us in this project and also being a great funny exciting  teacher and Miss Heffron for giving us this extraordinary new start.

Then , Miss Schnieder for being a brilliant,caring,cheerful,bright,bold,compassionate,courageous teacher.

Thank you so much.Last of all I wound like to thank year 5 for being a wonderful class .You have been loyal , majestic, marvelous ,motivating ,optimistic ,original ,passionate,friendly,generous,gifted ,glorious, gracious,helpful,honorable,incredible,inspiring year thank you sooo much..


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    • Put this comment on Miss Schnieders post it may get answered.


  1. Christabel your blogging is amzing and thanks for helping me remeber the RING AROUND THE WORLD!!!!
    You did really well comenting on this blog.


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