Wayfaring Stranger

One of the songs we sang at The Royal Albert Hall is a really old folk song that nobody knows who originally wrote. It is a very powerful song that has been recorded by lots of different artists. Have a listen to the these very different versions and leave me a comment to say which you prefer!

Choice 1 Jonny Cash

Choice 2 Ed Sheeran

Choice 3 Eva Cassidy

Choice 4 Al -Andalus

I want to say thank you to Pete for introducing this song to us. I want to know more about it! Who IS the poor wayfaring stranger? What stories could he tell about his life? Why is he far from home? He would be a fantastic subject for a story or a drama. And if anyone is interested, I like at the versions above but my absolute favourite is the last one. I love the combination of instruments and the sounds from different cultures

13 thoughts on “Wayfaring Stranger

  1. I enjoyed comparing the wayfaring stranger that we sang at the Royal Albert Hall, to the other versions.:)


  2. I loved Eva Cassidy and Ed Sheeran’s version, I especially love Eva’s after hearing her story. 🙂


    • I think you might have left a word out! Can you explain what you mean please. Is “Music Box” another Ed Sheeran song?


  3. I really liked the last version of warfareing stranger because it was a jazzy song and the singer was really good at what she did. 🙂


    • You are right Christabel Christabel they are all very different versions.


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