Short animations inspired by “The Magic Piano ” & Lang Lang

The year 6 classes at Poplar Primary school have also been studying “The Magic Piano”. After watching the film and listening to several etudes they had a go at creating their own animations. I think that they have done brilliantly. Firstly, they didn’t have very long to prepare it and secondly they only had iPad to use between the whole class. These films are really a rough draft and hopefully the children will get a chance to have another go.

What do you think? I am sure that the children at Poplar would love to read your comments.

23 thoughts on “Short animations inspired by “The Magic Piano ” & Lang Lang

  1. Me and my friend made the Fluffy Chopin one and I loved every minute of it, i would love to try it again! I like the Peggy 3 one because it was well made and thought through carefully!!! πŸ™‚


  2. I love Chris’s. His friends done okay but Chris really done great! He is the best and really good animator


  3. me and my friends made the peggie 3 one and we wanted to say thanks for the comments and hope you all enjoyed it,


  4. me and my friend made fluffy chopin. I think te best one our class did was tsunami chopin. its awesome


    • Me and my friend made Fluffy Chopin. I think the best one that our class made was tsunami chopin i really love it how they used the globe!!!


  5. That is really cool about how you make those things move. Could you teach me some day Mrs Schneider? πŸ™‚


    • Yes I would love to! Film music is a very important genre. I am hoping to do some animations with your class. I was also thinking about making a silent movie too!


  6. It was a hard choice to pick one ,because they were all very good. but we enjoyed this one the best! We also liked the part when the boat sinked it was cool! It reminded us of the Titanic πŸ™‚


    • i loved making it you should do it to if you have an ipad it would be great to make one


  7. OMG:]

    I can not belive that you managed to make such cool animations in only 1 lesson. AWSOME!!!


  8. We think the chopin freestyle was the best because the graffiti mentioned his name at the end. LOL


    • thanks. i am one of the people that made chopin freestyle. glad you enjoyed it.


  9. We like the monster and freestyle one,its really awsome the films.We love it you only had 10mins.Mabye one day you can work in the filming studios


  10. We think that all of them were good but Peggie 3 was the best because it was really cool with the waves and when it sank. It was really good although they only had 10 minutes to complete the small clip.


  11. We think that Peggie 3 was the best.It was very well animated and from what we have heard; it was made in 5-10 minutes. Which is amazing for such a great animation.


  12. my friend and i both really enjoyed the animations especially the freestyle one


  13. OMG.??

    The monster Chopin was magnificant because from what i’ve heard they only had 10 minutes to pull this off.
    =) πŸ™‚


  14. Wow, such a variety of ideas and all with quite different musical interpretations. I love them. Well done year 6, I am aware how much work goes into animations and am impressed!


  15. Love it, some really great different approaches here. I especially like the fluffy Chopin one, nice simple idea to use that photo as the backdrop. And Monster Chopin is pretty dramatic!


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