4 chord fun with year 6 inspired by Musical Futures

I think that everyone worked really hard today. I was really pleased with the concentration and focus during the warm ups. I was seriously impressed with how quickly those claps raced around the circle!

Everyone did really well singing the 4 chord progressions which sounded even better when we added a bassline. The hardest part was adding a melody over the top. Next time I will make sure I give you some more ideas to get started!

I got the ideas for today’s lesson from a from a fabulous organisation called “Musical Futures.”

I thought you might like to have a look at workshop I went along to. Have a listen and see if you recognise anything!

If you don’t want to watch the video have a listen to the backing track we made.

Can you sing the chorus to the Jessie J song “Price Tag” over the top? What other choruses can you sing to it? Leave me a comment if you find something that works well!

6P had a go at a different set of chords to fit in with “Wake me up” by Avicii. I really wished I had recorded it because it sounded fab.

Looking forward to see how we get on next week!


1 thought on “4 chord fun with year 6 inspired by Musical Futures

  1. We are doing this with year 7 this term, I will get them to have a listen to your recordings!


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