A Christmas message from year 4

Year 4 have worked so hard in music lessons this half term getting ready to lead the Advent service. They all gave fantastic performances and it was a magnificent concert. This week in music we decided to have some fun and record our christmas video. It was a bit of a squeeze but we got 60 children, all with an instrument into the music room. I hope that you enjoy watching their video! Please leave them a message.

Merry Christmas!

7 thoughts on “A Christmas message from year 4

  1. That was brilliant Year 4. You all worked so well together! I think I might have recognised a very laid back super drummer who used to be in my class! Can we borrow you at our school please Mrs Schneider?


  2. Well done Year 4! You keep really well in time together – that takes a lot of listening to each other!


  3. Wow Year 4! What a fantastically talented bunch you are. Well done and I hear your advent service was brilliant too. Keep the videos coming Mrs Schneider.

    Merry Christmas Everyone!


  4. Wow, what a polished performance. Really impressive and I love the festive headwear! ⛄❄


  5. Year 4 and Mrs Schneider – this is amazing, thank you! It made me feel so Christmassy, but in a peaceful way – not a stressy, ‘so much to get done’ sort of way. Well done all and merry christmas!


  6. What a wonderful performance!
    Well done Year 4.


  7. Year 4, this is an absolutely wonderful contribution to the amazing musical talent we have seen at St. Teresa’s this year.
    Well done for your super participation and achievement!
    Mrs Thomas


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