Leaving songs – composed and produced by year 6 students!

I am bursting with pride! Year 6 spent a half term studying songwriting with me. They were tasked with composing a song that reflected their feelings about moving on from primary to high school. The result? Some incredible songs written entirely by the children with very little help from me. There were lots and lots of good songs that were written but we had to choose just a few to take to the studio.

We are very fortunate that we are close to the excellent Crown Lane Studio. 16 children spent the day with John in the studio rehearsing, arranging recording and producing their songs. We are especially grateful to John for organising Merton Music Foundation students to act as session musicians for us.

I always have high expectations for all the children at St Teresa’s but I was not prepared for quite how good these songs actually are! The lyrics, the harmonies, the raps, the structure of the songs is all down to the children.

Thanks must go to Mr Dachtler who was never in any doubt that the songs would be good and made it possible for us to go to the studio for the day.

The video below shows what we actually got up to during the day and was recorded and edited by my son Andrew. I’m not so keen about the crazy shots of me but apart from that it will give you a taste of what the day was like!

Behind the scenes

Interview with Mighty River composers

Listen to the songs.
if you watched the video you heard just a snippet from the songs. Click on the songs below to hear them all the way through. They are well worth a listen!

36 thoughts on “Leaving songs – composed and produced by year 6 students!

  1. The sweet memories of year six!!!! I had so much fun creating the songs and it brings back so many good memories.


  2. Wow ! All such a fabolous song ! Thank you so much for posting this ! Even though it was quite sad and emotinal it was all a fun and exiting song!


  3. I love mighty river,time flies and step closer they remind me of the previous year6 every time I listen to it


  4. Well done Year 6! You have shown such a great talent in this song writing and the singing. Most of you are the first pupils I taught in St Teresa’s at Reception. I am very proud to see all that you have achieved. Great work!


  5. A huge thumbs up for the other group taking part in the process of recording their songs, the finished product of the songs are amazing


  6. All of the songs are amazing! I cannot choose one as my favourite…

    Great effort year 6! Lots of hidden talents amongst you πŸ™‚


  7. Some great recording skills and impressive song writing, I loved The Final Whistle, it sounds very modern.


  8. What fantastic support from everybody, so lovely to see and hear!! Thank you on behalf of year 6!

    Now I’m looking forward to hearing what the next year 6 have to offer… More fabulous talent I’m sure!


  9. Well done year 6! I love all of these songs. My favourite song is step closer because it makes you feel sad but also because year 6 are going into high school very soon!


  10. Well done year 6, you are excellent song writers and I’m excited to write my own song when I’m in year 6. I ecspecially loved time flies even though the other ones were brilliant as well.


  11. Fantastic year 6!!! I am so impressed, well done to everyone involved! 3M is enjoying singing along!


  12. What an amazing collection of catchy tunes! It has been great to listen to the lyrics that capture our core values Love, Trust, Teamwork and Ambition so completely!

    We should share this news far and wide – I wonder how far these songs can travel? Sri Lanka, Poland, Philippines ??

    Well done Year 6 and a great big thank you to Mrs Schneider, Miss Malone and the chaps from Crown Lane!

    Mr. Dachtler


  13. Wow! Well done Year 6! I am so impressed with your songwriting ability. Picking a favourite is just too hard as they are all so different and special in their own ways. Fantastic job!


  14. Wow year 6 your peformances were amazing! I do not know which song was my favorite! I am looking forward to go to year 6!


  15. Time Flies and Mighty River are my most favourite songs that Y6 wrote because they are all really catchy and joyful. I just can’t wait to get into Y6 and I’m really looking forward to songwriting in music next year!! πŸ™‚


    • I am delighted to hear that Shavi! Thanks for commenting.


  16. I enjoyed it very much! But my all time favourite is mighty river .In 2nd place is time flies. I can’t get the songs out of my head! I’ll be sleep singing! well done and definitely will remember you guys when you leave and so will the teachers. You have been the best year6 ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • What a lovely comment Angel! Thank you for sharing it with us


  17. All of the songs are amazing but I love the song step closer!
    I like it because the tune is catchy and also my brother is in it.


    • I agree Naiara – it is a great song!


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