Adding dynamics to our performance

Well done year 4!

Another great rehearsal. Ms Lilli and I are really pleased with the progress you are making. To make our performance interesting and enjoyable for the audience we need to work on the dynamics. This means changing the volume of sound we make. If we play it at the same volume all the way thorough it might be a little boring to listen to. There are lots of ways we can vary it.

One way is to start very quietly and gradually increase the volume and then dramatically get very quiet for the end. Or we could start confidently, gradually get quieter and then finish loudly.

I have asked Ms Lilli to decide the dynamics for our pieces but we need to make sure that we are concentrating and following instructions!

Do you think it is easier to play louder or softer? I would really like to know what you think? Please can you leave me a comment below with your thoughts as we will be discussing this in lessons next week. Well done to everyone who brought in their own instrument. Can some one remind me to take a photo of the guitarists next week?

Please remember to listen to the pieces and if you have your instrument at home practise along. If you dont have your instrument at home try tapping at the rhythm you are going to play.

I am incredibly impressed with your work. It is the most fantastic quality and I can’t wait for you to show your parents!

IN music instructions for the dynamics are usually given in italian. If you click below you can read a description of the different phrases used. If you are learning a musical instrument I expect that you have heard of some of these.

More about dynamics

15 thoughts on “Adding dynamics to our performance

  1. it is really fun with miss lilly around
    i love music now is great

    love jayanna,4l


  2. very cool
    i really like doing this we should do it more often

    love from jayanna in 4l


    • Very kind of you to say so – but not just me working on it :-0


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