After school club – session 1

Our after school music centre got off to a great start! We are very lucky to have 2 brilliant musicians from Merton Music Foundation Ed & Jake.

If you came along could you please leave us a comment to let us know what you thought of your club or lesson?

Here are some pictures from our first week.









If you have a look at the after school music club page you can play along to the practise tracks Ed kindly recorded for us.

Thank you to all the parents and children that came exactly on time – we are very grateful! It is VITAL that Mums and Dads are exactly on time because there will be no one to supervise children once the next lesson starts. The school will be locked up at 6pm exactly.

I look forward to reading your comments!

18 thoughts on “After school club – session 1

  1. The music clubs are GREAT!!!
    Jake taught me how to play the song “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele.


  2. I know many other children going to these clubs and they all really like it! it is a great opportunity for everyone to be taught be Jake and Ed!


  3. How was your lesson? I hope you are enjoying it and in the future you will take them lesson and pr with you and preform.


  4. I really enjoy my djembe lesson with Jake. I hope all the other lessons are good with Ed and Jake. I cannot wait to perform tonight to the parents. :]


  5. I hope that all the people attending the music clubs lean how to play their instrument and maybe continue after the club is over.


  6. I hope that all the lessons help people to learn new instruments, and are fun for everyone.


  7. Jake and Ed are great teachers. Jake taught me how to play the spaninsh theme on the guitar.


  8. I think its a great idea to help others and giving them the opportunity to play instruments.


  9. Wow!The lessons sound great,i would love to be there!We should really make these workshops something that normally happens. I hope everyone that goes to them benifits from them too!
    I wish I was there… 😀


  10. Hey it’s me Christina 3M.
    Once I’d went to keyboard lesons and my epic teacher is Jake and it was…..


  11. I did guitar 1 last week and considering I already play guitar it was one of the best lessons I ever had! \\|._.|//


    • Have you seen that I have put up some backing tracks for guitar club on the after school music club page?


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