All that jazz!

Hello Year 5,

We are going to be learning about Jazz in our music lessons for the final half term. Knowing how much many of you LOVE drumming, crazy rhythms and a bit of creative freedom to make up your own stuff I predict you will LOVE jazz!

Some background:

It started in late 19th early 20th century in African American communities in the USA
It mixes up African rhythms, brass band traditions, European harmonies
It is really popular music and sometimes disapproved of.

During our lessons we will be exploring the following musical features:

Here are a couple of clips to get us started.

3 thoughts on “All that jazz!

  1. Hello year 5
    my advice is
    # never give up
    # be creative
    # enjoy yourself
    # its all about fun


  2. I love Sarky Puppy because their tune is very interesting and the jazz sounds spectacular


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