Another poem for National Poetry Day – “I Hear America Singing”

Hi Year 6,

I thought we could listen to this famous American poem “I Hear America singing” by Walt Whitman

If you could hear London singing what would it sound like? Whose voices would we hear? How would they sound

Please write me a verse for a poem “I hear London Singing” and we can choose the best ones to make into a poster. Write it in the comments section.

Look forward to reading your verses.

46 thoughts on “Another poem for National Poetry Day – “I Hear America Singing”

  1. I loved National poetry day because ever since that started we had to study about Benjamin Zephaniah he is a poet he lives in Birmingham he was born on 1958 April 15
    age 54.Also we are learning about Judith Nicholls.


  2. I hear london singing
    I hear londons laughter
    I see the joyful people,
    I hear london singing
    I hear big ben
    I see amazing buldings,
    I hear london singing
    I hear the people playing instruments and singing
    I see the peoples talent,
    I hear london singing
    I hear the screeching of the train
    I see all the different transport,
    I hear london singing
    I see amazing london!


  3. I hear London singing
    I can hear the roar of the traffic
    I can hear the busy chatting
    I can hear the newspaper rustling
    I can hear the sound of the thames
    I can hear the hoot of cars
    London is alive


    • Strong last line Niloan. Well done


  4. I hear London singing
    the trains ratling across the streams
    the London eye twisting around in the air
    the london brige opens as cars drive past
    the children screaming and playing out side


  5. I hear London singing
    I see bright lights shinning
    I hear dogs barking
    I see london eye spinning
    I hear big ben’s bell
    I see tourists travelling
    I hear water swishing
    I see boats floating
    I hear babies crying
    I see the wembly stadium
    I hear the horns of angry drivers
    I see busters perfoming
    I hear london singing

    By Kiera D & Francine N 6m 😀


    • Interesting structure. Like the way you have alternated hear and see. Great work.


  6. I hear London singing

    The taxis beeping
    The Underground moving and stopping
    The Olympics athletes screaming
    The car engines roaring
    The people walking
    The buses humming
    The angry drivers screaming

    I hear London singing


  7. I hear london singing
    ringing in my ears,saying hello to people ,in the pub drinking beers.I hear london singing come on dont be afraid let out voice its your choice you have got to be brave.I hear london singing,I hear london sing


    • I really like this poem Taylor. I think the way you have used “singing, ringing” in the first line is very powerful. I am very interested in publishing it but I would like to see it laid out differently. Could you have a go at using a new line every time you start a new idea?

      Well done on a great poem.


  8. I hear london singing

    I hear the blare of the car radio
    The rumble of the underground as the trains go through
    I hear the horns of angry drivers
    The sound of cheering from the olympic stadium
    I hear the hum of a bus engine
    The sound of the market dealers
    I haer london singing.


  9. I hear London singing,

    The echoing tune of the Underground,
    The revving engines of the Cars,
    The confusing chatter of the Pedestrians.
    The gentle pitter-patter of rocks being kicked,
    The soothing singing of mothers with children,
    The light footsteps of grown men,
    The honks of impatient taxi drivers,
    I hear London Singing

    Szymon 6M


  10. I hear London singing,
    the postmen’s bicycle bell ringing,
    the birds chirping and the garbage men humming.

    I hear the dogs barking,
    the children singing,
    the see saw screeching and the street cleaners whistling.

    I hear a person busking in the Underground,
    church bells ringing and choirs singing.

    By Sophia 6P/W


    • You paint a lovely sound picture of London Sophie. Makes me think of Morden!


  11. I hear London singing
    The girl was singing and skiping
    all day long
    the postman was claping the way home


    • I love the image of the postman clapping his way home 🙂


  12. I can hear the marching from London
    I can hear the singing and the dancing from London
    I here my uncle ringing the London big ben
    I can hear the president from London
    I can hear the army shouting for victory from London.


  13. I hear London singing

    The postman whistling the way home
    That’s the music i can’t ignore
    A girl singing on her bicycle
    I was astonished on the way along
    In my garden where flowers grow
    I hear my neighbour sing along
    I hear my brother sing along with the r.a.d.i.o
    Let London sing along!


    • Nice last line Emilia. Really finishes the poem well.


  14. I hear London singing

    I hear London singing
    I hear the crowds of London shouting and poiting
    I hear the cars horns tooting and honking
    I hear Big Ben ringing and ticking
    I hear the fountins of Trafalga sqaure gushing and splashing
    I hear the crowds of London cheering on team Great Britain
    I hear the men from London cheering on England


  15. I hear London singing,
    I can hear the postman whistling along to the beat of his heart,
    I can hear the babys crying in the streets,
    I can hear the teenagers chatting and tapping their feet to the music
    I can hear the pulse of the cars driving around,
    I can hear the street entatainers singing and dancing,
    I can hear everybody singing, singing and singing


  16. I hear London singing
    I hear the Post man wristling
    I hear ther Bin men humming
    I hear the pulse of Big Ben ticking
    I hear the rythme of the birds tweeting
    I hear the loudness of the car speakers
    I hear the beat of footsteps of the streets
    Everywhere i go i hear London singing


  17. I hear London sing

    I can hear the postman singing along the road.
    I can hear the tube workers singing as they carry on with their work.
    I can hear the kids at the bus stop singing and chatting with their freinds and classmates.
    I can hear the bus drivers humming and singing of which they prefer along as they ride the buses.
    I can hear the teacher while break humming and singing asshe with their heart pulse beating.
    I can hear the loud pop and rock music being played loudly by the car drivers as their feet move to the groove.
    I hear the people paying their deposits.
    But they all sing the songs that they prefer ,no one is hear to stop them because I know that it is theirs.


    • “But they all sing the songs they prefer” is a great line!


  18. I hear London singing

    The street cleaners hummig
    the beat ….the beat….
    the music belongs London,
    The gross child with the grasious voice
    singing what belongs to them
    the beat….the beat
    the music belongs to London

    the music is what is left of historical London


  19. I hear london singing
    i hear the buses squeking
    i hear the baby whaling
    i hear the postman whistleing
    i hear the baby humming
    i hear the voices on tv
    i hear the choir singing


  20. I hear London singing

    I hear the postman whistling as he delievers letters
    I hear the street cleaners sing a song while he cleans up

    The birds up the sky tweet as they fly so high
    The babies laughing and giggling when their entertained
    I hear a boy singing to his happy love
    The group of friends singing out loud in the playground
    I can hear the people inside cars singing with the radio
    The children running with their heart pulse beating
    I hear the happy choir singing and dancing
    Girls and boys can sing whatever song they want
    Singing is everywhere in this world


  21. I here London singing

    The people that clean the streets wistling.
    The bus drives huming.
    The football fans charting.
    the beats that the cars makes at the trafic.
    the teenagers shounting on the streets.
    the sound that the kicking of the ball.
    the sound that belongs to each dividule.


  22. I hear London singing

    The post man whistiling under his breath
    I hear London singing
    The cars honking making a racket
    I hear London singing
    The teenages shouting rebeling the rules
    I hear London singing
    The children crying in usion
    I hear London singing
    The flags being lifted up
    I hear london lifted
    The beat of the hearts as they stand in unity
    I hear london lifted up they stand,stand as one


    • I Hear London Singing

      I hear the postman wistling under his breath
      I hear the shoemaker wistle away like the birds
      I hear the trains and the buses make a squeaking noise as they stop
      I hear the birds sing a song in the tree’s
      I hear the children playing in the playgroud at school
      I hear the soud of teenagers shouting in a croud

      I hear London Singing


    • i hear london singing

      i hear peole having a laugh coming out of a pub
      i hear babys crying in there buggys
      i hear london speaking to each other in trafalga sqaure
      i hear people rustling there newspapers
      i hear people singing in there churches
      i hear people putting letters going through peoples door
      i hear people jogging round london


    • Great structure Keren and powerful last two lines too. Well done


  23. I hear London singing

    I hear the babies crying
    I hear the kids screeming
    I hear the bells ringing
    I hear the choir singing
    I hear big ben ticking
    I hear the horns hornking
    I hear the bakery baking
    I hear the beat beating
    I hear the water swaying
    I hear the London


  24. I hear London singing
    Like the man singing on his way to work
    The girl singing as she came home from school
    The croud singing on thier way to the olympics
    The teacher singing as she marked the childrens work
    The manager singing as he counted his money
    The mother singing as she left her daughter at her nans
    The girl singing on her way to the chior


    • Well done Emmanuel. I love the details you have added. You have created some lovely images in this poem. Well done.


  25. I hear London singing

    I hear the people in the bank paying there deposits
    I hear the Taxi driver’s car honking
    I hear the crowds screaming in the olympics
    I hear the birds singing
    I hear the builders shouting
    I hear the singers singing
    I hear the manager yelling
    I hear the priest talking
    I hear the prisoners complaining
    I hear the police’s footsteps
    I hear the baby crying
    I hear parents chatting
    I hear a poor man crying

    By Gerard from 6p


    • I like it! It really makes me want to know more about the characters you have sketched. Hearing the police footsteps introduces a worrying note. You have created an atmospheric poem Gerard.


  26. I hear London singing

    I hear the milkman whistiling through the streets,
    I hear the bankers humming in silents,
    I hear Cab drivers singing through the loud lanes,
    I hear parents whistle for their children,
    I hear the farmers hum a beautiful tune,
    I could hear the music teacher teaching the childern how to sing,
    I could hear the muscians compose good tunes,
    I could hear the Queen sing beautifully through the castle gates while the catsle guards hum with a good tune.
    I could hear the dancers dancing with the terrible music.What a day I said

    By Michael 6p/w


    • I love the image of the Queen singing beautifully while the guards hum outside! Well done Michael.


  27. I hear London singing

    I hear London singing
    I hear the cab driver whistiling waitng for his next passenger
    I hear the librarian humming silently with people saying “SSSSHHHHH!”
    I hear the Queen singing while watching football during the olympics
    I hear the music teacher teaching the children how to sing
    I can hear people singing in churchs
    I can hear the police humming during their tests
    I hear London singing

    Dominic 6P/W


  28. This poet is absolutely awsor the awsome. I really feel sorry for the Americans that had a extreamly hard time.


    • Can you explain what you mean about 47 Karl? Thanks 😉


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