Anti bullying week

Today in music we looked at songs about friendship. Remembering to offer the hand of friendship to someone who is vulnerable is a powerful thing we can all do to counteract the terrible effects of bullying.

We hope that our songs will remind everyone in our school that love can overcome hate.




5 thoughts on “Anti bullying week

  1. Well done yr3 and yr5 and the message should convey to others as soon as they see this but remember you got a friend in me and you can always count on me as I can count on you!


  2. Well done, Year 3 and Year 5, Not only did you sing the songs beautifully, you expressed the importance of some of our school core values- LOVE & TEAMWORK.

    As the name of one of your songs implies, its important to rely on someone through even the roughest and toughest of times, finding a friend in that someone as Andy was to Woody in the movie Toy story but later it becomes clear that Buzz is that friend.

    Thank you for raising our awareness during anti-bullying week and changing a negative to a positive.


  3. Dear Yr 3 and 5. Thank you for sharing this important message with us. It is great to be able to ‘count’ on our friends. Love is at the heart of our lives here at St Teresa’s.

    Together we can reach out to stop bullying!


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