As featured at The Barbican!


Well done Year 5 – some beautiful images. They looked fantastic projected behind the London Symphony Orchestra!

3 thoughts on “As featured at The Barbican!

  1. Hi!How is your day?Good morning or afternoon.My time at the Barbican was delightful!I REALLY enjoyed the music and when you beat the world record for the bumblebee song!Me and my friend saw my bird picture.There was nothing bad about the concert.My favourite part was the star wars song at the end!This was my first ever concert and it was the best.


  2. When I went to the astonishing Barbican Orchestra in central London,I was amazed of all the songs that you had played.My favorite was the star-wars back track.My favorite instrument was the drums !loved it!


  3. I really liked the trip to the Barbican Theatre because there was more than a 1000 children there and more than 50 adults in the humongous theatre. I Also liked it when more than 3 schools got to to see me and Rory picture of penguins.
    My favourite part of FArTHER was “So many lovely wings”.
    My favourite part of all of it was when they played Star Wars theme song.


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