Baiao de Ninar

Baiao de Ninar is a lovely, popular song from Brazil with a catchy Bossa Nova rhythm. Bossa Nova is a genre that is a bit of a cross between samba and jazz. if you listen carefully to the song you have haer an acoustic guitar, shakers, claves and a tamborin.

I bet you can guess why Sing Up have chosen it as one of their new songs this month?

We will be learning the Sing Up version.

Here are some different versions of this song. Which one do you prefer?

2 thoughts on “Baiao de Ninar

  1. hi mrs shnider what you tort me was enjoyable and entertaining. My favourite activities was the world cup song and the violin lessons. I think music is entertaining and fun. Music sounds like it is educating my voice which makes me feel greatful. You are very good at music.


  2. i defiantly think that music is excellent and inspires everybody. when i’m in a bad mood, I listen to a tune it makes me feel better.The Violin was a hard task for me but i tried and it was awesome.


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