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Dear Year 4,

You are very lucky! I am quite jealous that you are going to the cinema to see the sensational BBC film “Ten Pieces”. Lots of schools have been very disappointed that they could not get tickets.

Could you do me a favour? When you come back to school could you leave me a comment on this post telling me what you thought? It would be great to read your reviews.

Here is a link to the BBC Ten pieces website

Looking forward to reading your comments!

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90 thoughts on “BBC Ten Pieces

  1. my favrouite part was when the children made diffrent noises with there body

    I liked it because there were diffrent noises and there were young and older children making noises and there also was a low and high voises going on


  2. I liked the firebird part because we learned it in year 3!!!!!!!!


    • My favourite part is when THERE WAS A FIREBIRD!!


  3. I LOVED ALL OF THE SONGS! I loved the Drums because it made a sound that was not a low sound.But i did like the other songs it’s just that it was a very loud sound but i liked all of the songs.


  4. Obviously,everyone loved it.It seems everyone liked the sounds that were in all the music.The thing that i didn’t like was the volume it was to much.


  5. Storm:
    Ashleigh: I think the storm was quite loud and it had a lot of music in it. Some of the music was very interesting because of the ‘wave’ music.
    Ben: I thought it was interesting because the girl knew what instrument was playing the wave sounds. It was a trumpet.


  6. I really loved the fire bird because of the music it was so loud and quick,it was amazing.


  7. I loved the trip because it was musical and it was so long and fun.The trip insiried me and the firebird was amazing!


  8. Did you like FIRE BIRD !!

    I did , it was brilliant I want to watch it again and again !!!!!!!!


  9. The last song written by stravanski was related to our subject that we did last year and it was so cool!


  10. P4: Short Ride in a Fast Machine.
    Ava: It feels like it’s quite fast music.
    Ryan: The music is very fast and quick.
    Darragh: The music is quite interesting because it’s different to the music that I have heard.


  11. I really liked the firebird seen because it was beautiful and I loved the Mozart music


  12. I think that the 10 pieces of music was really good .My favourate part was when the children made music with their bodies I liked it because it was really great and I enjoyed it.


    • Im glad you liked that because we are going to have a go at creating our own piece of music using our bodies!


  13. Hi it is so cool do you like it I like it.I also like the fire bird because it is fast


  14. It was amazing .I loved the fire bird. The songs were sweet. Also the men and women showed me music is great.


  15. I really liked the part when the people made music using themselves, it was my favourite! I didn’t really like the storm because loud and I could not hear a thing, but it was still good!


  16. I really liked that proformance it was brilliant.I did not think it was going to be that good.:)


  17. Thank you miss Schneider for the comment, 10 pieces were so much fun and the music was so loud.


  18. P2- In the Hall of the Mountain King.
    Eva – Superloud at the end, at the start it was quiet.
    Rubyanne – It was fantastic, it was very good.
    Elise- I liked the music because it went fast and slow.


  19. Mars – The Bringer of War.
    Reamass – It was a bit scary. It was really fast, it was a bit freaky.
    Courtney – It’s good. It was exciting.
    Josh – I liked the trumpets.


    • I agree Reamass – I wouldn’t want to play this music to very young children because I think it might frighten them!


  20. Beethoven – Symphony No 5.
    Finlay: It had some high notes in it and low notes.
    Athena: I thought that they kept the beat really well in the orchestra.
    William: It was like burst of fire!


    • Hello!
      Thanking you for leaving your comments on our blog. Do you have a school DVD of the Ten pieces?


  21. Storm:
    Lily: I thought it was loud and quiet. Some parts were quite gentle and some parts were very noisy.
    Megan: I thought it was a bit awesome. I liked the noises in it which I’d not heard before.
    Logan: I think the drums sounded like the water crashing on the wooden planks of the boat.


    • I agree Logan! Thank you Lily and Megan for your comments


  22. Short Ride in a Fast Machine:
    Freddie: I thought it sounded like guns firing. When they played the drums it sounded like that.
    Neil: The music was really loud. There were violins and trumpets being played.
    Ruby: The music was fast because the car was going fast. The car could keep up with the beat.


    • This piece was very popular with the children at my school too! Thank you for leaving a comment


  23. P2/3 – Night on the Bare Mountain.
    Nathan: The man saw the little gold things. The music was loud and quiet. It was quiet at the end, because the witches had gone away.
    Joe: When the witch was still there the music was kind of dramatic. It sounded like something bad was going to happen and it sounds like he’s in a haunted place.
    Flyn: Firstly it was very loud and then at the end the music sounded very squeaky.


  24. In the Hall of the Mountain King.
    Daniel: The music was noisy, I saw a musician hitting a drum.
    Archie: The music was quiet to start with and then it go louder. The beat also got faster as the piece went on.
    Honey: The tune got louder as the monster got closer.


    • If I ever play this piece of music in a lesson everyone ends up getting very fidgety and loud! I think the music really encourages you to move!


  25. Mars.
    Levi: It was good. I liked the part when the spaceships were going to hit Mars. It sounded dangerous.
    Jack: I thought the music was loud, fast and exciting.
    Lily: The music went well with the pictures.


  26. Night on the Bare Mountain:
    Grace: I like how there is a big bouncy beat at the start and then it goes down into a calmer beat.
    Elle: At the very start it was really high pitched, then it got quite quiet as the song got near the end.
    Sophie: When the music started it was really fast, towards the end it got slower.


  27. In the Hall of the Mountain King:

    Cameron: It was quiet at the start and got louder, it was a bit like someone chasing you and getting closer.
    Alex: It sounded like something bad was going to happen. It kept getting louder.
    Zoe: It started off slowly and then got faster, as the chase got faster.


    • It reminds me of a terrible nightmare of being chased by a monster which is getting closer and closer. I wake up very happy it was only a dream!


  28. P3/4 Comments.
    Charley: The music was very good, because it was very loud and when it finished I wanted to hear more.
    Stuart: It sounded like someone was in danger, or like something bad was going to happen.
    Mayson: The music was loud at times and also quiet.
    Andrew: The music sounded like the spaceships were about to enter Mars.


    • It is FULL of tension isn’t it?


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