Carol of the Bells

In my quest to find Christmas music for school I keep coming across the Ukrainian Bell Carol and I now have it firmly stuck in my brain! I really love it and always feel quite moved by it.

I have discovered that it was composed by Mykla Leontovych – a Ukranian composer,priest and music teacher.

It has a very distinctive ostinato running through out

We can have a go at playing this in our music lessons. Those of you who have instruments at home why don’t you see if you can play it? Be sure to show me!


Below are are lots of different versions of the song. Which is your favourite?

Here are 2 VERY silly versions of it featuring Muppets and puppets

4 thoughts on “Carol of the Bells

  1. I know it’s a but late but have you seen the clip of this done on boomwhackers?


  2. I love it! Only discovered last day of term but will keep in mind for next year. Beautiful, enchanting (only watched the choir boys version; will watch the others too). Thank you.


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