Choir in action!

The school choir are getting ready to perform at a very exciting concert. They are going to be the only school choir taking part in Merton Music Foundation “Everyone Sang” concert on Saturday 15th March at St Marks Academy. You can read more about the concert by clicking here

Here are some photos of the choir practising today.


Meet the new choir! on PhotoPeach

4 thoughts on “Choir in action!

  1. I remember when Pete Churchill was there standing in front of me- it was amazing.The feeling of being on stage for the first time gave me a very good feeling .


  2. Thanks to St Teresa’s Gospel Choir for their amazing performance on Saturday. All of us at Wimbledon Community Chorus really enjoyed listening to you, we thought your behaviour was impeccable, but most importantly, we just loved watching you all simply enjoy singing together. Wonderful stuff – please keep singing as you move on up through school and especially when you move up into secondary school!


  3. Dear Choir

    You made me the proudest Choir Director on Saturday night at the “Everyone sang” Concert with Soo Bishop and Pete Churchill, I had the famous “goosebumps”. Your pitch, timing and actions were PERFECT!
    So many people praised your impeccable behaviour and performance. Thank you all for your commitment and dedication to choir and the many lunch breaks you have given up. I am sure you are pleased to hear that you are now on vocal vacation until after Easter.


  4. I am so, so proud of you, our wonderful choir! I know that everyone will feel exactly the same when they hear your beautiful voices.

    Well done to all of our children and staff who practise tirelessly to be as amazing as you are!


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