The pianist is Lang Lang.

Facts about Lang Lang.

Facts about Chopin

4 thoughts on “Chopin

  1. Wow! That was so amazing. I wonder how much practice Chopin had. I think I should play the piano but I know that I won’t be able to play as good as him. I love the way he closes his eyes as he plays! It is like he is telling a story in his head while he plays the piano. This video really inspired me to play a piano.


  2. Hi,
    My name is Nicole and I really like the music that Lang Lang played the piano.
    He is a great pianist and should start composing more music for us to hear [if you were alive]

    Although I have question, did he ever teach any children or adults how to play the piano.


  3. Wow. What a great piece of music. I wish i could dance like the dancer did. Either way, i will be listening to this when i am bored. Please do more of these videos as i enjoy this type of music a lot.


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