Creating a song using Pachelbels canon

Have a listen to this

If you have access to an iPad you can play this chord progression in the key of D

Lots of pop groups have taken this music to creat their own songs. have a listen to these

Right yearb 6 – now it is your turn! Can you use this music to create a St teresa’s song?

3 thoughts on “Creating a song using Pachelbels canon

  1. During the past few years, I have learnt few wonderful music instrument at our music lesson. My favourite lesson was the violin lesson because I started learning violin before we learnt it at school as a class. The easiest lesson that I had at the music lesson was the time when we played the xylophone. It was easy and very fun to try together.
    At home I play music from the film called the frozen and I find it relaxing to do my homework while the music is on.


  2. I think music is very fun because some lesson we get to use different instruments and learn how to play it .At home I play the piano I really like to play it to an audience


  3. my opinion is that, I like music a lot and that it is a lot of fun. my favourites are the, boomwhackers, djembe and it was a lot fun other music stuff. year 5 sang a sports day song for sports day last time. And it was quite fun and funny. I have a sister and she plays the guiter and she quite good at it. And also, my brother plays a guiter but he plays a different guiter. Some times, I play the guiter with my dad but not all the time
    I found violin very good and great is because we learned very good and that I found it very fun. We learned how to, use bow, how to hold the violin and hold to hold the violin but in rest position. Overall, I found music very fun and very good is because we learn different other form of other instruments.


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