Draft programmes of study for Music 2013

I know some of you think I just decide by myself what lessons we do at school but actually that is wrong. There is a Department for Education which is run by the government that decides what are the most important things we should study. They are having a discussion at the moment about what we should learn (in all subjects – not just music) They have produced a draft copy and they are consulting about it. That means they want OUR ideas about what we think of it. ANYONE can give their feedback on it – teachers, parents and even students!

Have a look at the document below by clicking on the words in blue. Remember Key stage 1 is years 1 & 2. Key stage 2 is years 3, 4, 5 & 6

music programmes of study

54 thoughts on “Draft programmes of study for Music 2013

  1. We think your ideas were good especially the one that suggested we should have a better understanding of recorded music and live music such as chopin and WWII music.


  2. I think that the schools should fund for the schools so we can have an oppurtunity to shine and express there talent in school.


  3. I think that we should learn more instruments like piano, guitars or keyboards. We can also have a music club after school where we can learn more instruments.


  4. We agree that all of the childrens education is important, and we all are trying our best in our school work. All the teachers help us be confident in our work, but especially tests as some children get scared.


  5. We think that the goverment should fund music equpitment and technology instruments. But other than that we agree with the goverment. Everyone should be able to learn an instrument apart from their voices no matter how rich or poor their school or background is.


  6. We think that they are very good ideas but we need to bring technolgy into learning so that we can be focused and learn two things at one time.We could learn instruments on the i pad if we download apps.


  7. I think that it is an excellent idea because it’s giving us
    an oppurtunity to learn different types of musical instruments.


  8. We think that the original draft is alright. It explains the subjects very clearly and I think these ideas are very well thought out.


  9. I think your ideas were fantasic and great. We think that for ks2, while they are creating songs, maybe create our owm music. We both think that music is important due to the fact that it is universal language


  10. I think that the website about music was intresting because i enjoy doing music and i would like to get more live music in our school.


  11. we think that the idea that u made was really good. But we really want some ipads that we could educate more easily.
    It would help us to interact more in the universal language of music.


  12. I liked the draft because it told us what we are doing in music lesson .I think we should learn music beacuse it is great for us to learn instruments and change songs that we have heared on the radio then turn it into our own song.


  13. I think this is great because it helps children to learn and love music , this is a great thing to do. πŸ˜€


  14. In my opinion, the goverments idea’s that we should follow when playing an instrument are very good. Especially the fact that we should learn about the background (history) of the instrument that we are learning.


  15. I think we should learn more instruments so that we can have more experience of what it’s like. We should also learn different genres of music; we could learn songs that we all probably know like songs we hear from the radio and sing/play them on instruments.


  16. The study plans are really intresting. I think the activitys we can do in music are maybe creating MORE songs and lyrics using a applications for windows. Also, we can do more work on instruments.


  17. i am really intrested about what you are going to do
    I hope year 6 are going vto take part and the children will have fun with this sort of thing because i think nuarshry mite take part but they mite not understand \/


  18. We think that this is a very good idea and we are extreamly excited about this.


  19. I think that some of the ideas are good but i have some ideas as well like introducing modern technoligy to music. We have a teacher that has an ipad and she uses it to go on music apps. Things such as Ipads or Ipods I think will make the leson even more intreasting. I like your idea about learning the history of music because I really like history.


  20. I think that by looking at the draft that the goverment has to say about music is very useful. In my opinion I think that we should compose music online during music lessons. I also think that if at school we have a oppitunity to learn how to play a small amount of music.


  21. I think we should use music matters to learn different kinds of music and learn interesting songsD: πŸ™‚


  22. I think it is vey good that people are giving their opinions i think that we should have a school band.


  23. I think there should be a peformance at the end of every music lesson so that the teachers know we understood the lesson.
    I hope the government will take my suggestions in consideration.

    Thank You.


  24. I am really excited to see what my class members say and there final anwser.

    1. Get more instruments for schools

    2. Make music schools free so children can learn more instruments


  25. I think that everyone should work with a partner and come up with a music project


  26. Idea#1)I think that us children should have homework which we will have an instrument to bring home and play it while our music is being recorded to bring to school.
    Idea#2)I also think that we should set up our own orchestra and go to other schools to play to them.


  27. I think we should learn more insruments in school. I like playing the djembie drum and I think we should learn different music from different countries.


  28. I think that we should learn more about songs and singing and what the meaning actually is.


  29. I think most of these ideas are great but I think we should focus on different types of music as we always seem to study the same type of music. I also think we should use more of a variety of instruments as we always use the same ones !!!


  30. Did you know that I am in an ensembles. I am in a small string group with violin’s, viola’s etc. I go there every Monday and I am very comfortable there. I do agree with the desicion and I hope other people do too.


  31. More ideas……

    I think children should be allowed to take musical intruments home because it will be like homework , homework is to help you learn mre about what you are learnig already so that is what this would be for.

    I think every year each class should have a musical goal to mabe learn how to play the guitar. I think each school should be given money JUST to buy instruments for the school. I also think every class should have their own orchestra and at the end every instrument should come together to make a big orchestra.


  32. I think that there shold be more insturments and music lessons should separate one class for boys and the other class for girls


  33. I think we should have music lesson after school because people enjoy playing instruments. For e.g Keyboard,flute and other kinds. People enjoy it!


  34. I think that we should learn how to play musical instruments more often and I think that we should learn a different song each week.


  35. if you really enjoy music i think you should be aloud to have more time after school.


  36. I think there should be more musicual instrements for the lessons.there should also be more music lessons so that we could lurn more about.


  37. All of these ideas sound challenging but fun, I didn’t know that Mrs Schnieder didn’t come up with the music lessons on her own!


  38. I think we should be aloud to play any instrument we enjoy, and if we have a faviroute instrument we should be able to create it in real life with real materials.


  39. I think we should learn more about instruments and learn how to play them in our music lessons.


    • Which music instruments do you think we should learn?


    • Maybe the piano or the drums thats what I would like to play


  40. I like all the ideas, but i would like to be able to be more confident because some people, like me, can be quite shy.


  41. I think that we sould split into groups and learn different things then move in circles so we learn quickly.


  42. I think this is great beacause it helps children to listen to music and helps them to change there attidude.


  43. I hope soon that I will play the piano.I have heard my cousin,Emily and she really expired me so I think I will sign up for piano lessons!


  44. I think we should use music matters to learn in music and to learn about all intresting things and songs


  45. I would be interested in hearing what you have to say about Music. I am a primary teacher in Hertfordshire, and I teach a lot of music. I have to say, the size of the new curriculum is quite exciting, meaning we might have some interesting lessons. Not sure what the “inter-related dimensions of music” are but I’m sure all will become obvious!

    Enjoy, Mr T


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