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I was lucky enough to be able to watch yr 5 practise tonight’s Easter concert. It is absolutely brilliant! They have thought very carefully about the central message of their performance and worked closely as a team to communicate clearly.

The costumes and props are great and add to the performance. The singing is superb and had a very powerful effect on the audience at the rehearsal I watched. Below are some musical clips from the song. Please bear in mind that these are taken Crome the rehearsals – I’m sure that tonight’s performance to parents will be even more powerful!

Well done year 5 and thank you for sharing. If you are a visitor to our blog please can you take a moment to leave the children a comment below?

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  1. I loved performing in front of everybody during the easter production, thank you Mrs A, Mrs O, Miss H and Miss P for giving us this wonderful opportunity! 🙂


  2. Even though I was a narrator, I had to learn many lines and even thought we had rehearsal a few times, I enjoyed the whole Easter Production from beginning to end. I kept on smiling and I felt contented the whole time! Especially, when we got to miss most of our lessons! Let me say a big thank you to Miss Heffron, Miss Price and Mrs Roman but last but not least, Mrs Aransiola for putting this show together and for teaching us new songs! Well done to the whole of Year 5! 🙂


  3. I know this comment is late but I still have the great memory. I was really nervous on the night and I nearly forgot my words. My brother Francis was even amazed about Camreons voice and Joy,Chantelle and Holly’s amazing voice.


  4. We really enjoyed the easter proudution and performing aswell and i really liked watching it aswell!!!!!!!!


  5. What can I say?….Heart warming!….. Soul lifting!…… Amazing!…..Awesome!…..well done everyone ‘A* for team work’. So proud of you all…..remember….’Pay attention to what you are taught, and you will be successful; trust in the Lord and you will be happy’ (proverbs 16:20)


  6. The clips sound great and I hear the performance was super – well done to all of the cast and singers but especially Mrs Aranisola, who works so passionately to get you all singing with such energy. I think you all deserve extra chocolate over Easter!!


    • Thank you very very much Soo!!!!


  7. Dear Year 5.

    After speaking to pupils, teachers and your parents, it is very clear….’You smashed it’!

    It’s not often, year 5, that you get such a wide recognition for your hard work and talents, but that’s how proud you make us feel every day! (Honestly!)

    From solo singers to narrators and soldiers, it was a team effort and every single one of you worked hard to put on an excellent performance!

    What else can I say….?

    Great…STUFF!! 🙂 xx


  8. The Easter play is great all of your parents was taking photo. All the Parents like your play everyone in the play did a great job and I wanted to say thanks to your teacher Mrs A, Mrs Roman, Miss Price, Miss Heffron and Mrs O or putting this play together and the best thing I like was the last song It made won’t to laugh won’t to laugh when we put your sunglasses on and singing the song Risen. My mum said the play was so great.


  9. I echo Mr Dachtler’s comments in that I felt so, so proud of all of the Year 5 pupils last night whilst watching the Easter Story production. I also felt very proud of the tremendous efforts of the Year 5 Team in their direction and support. Well done to you all. This was a truly moving and emotional experience. Thank you so much.


  10. The Easter production was great. My favourite part was at the end when we all put our sunglasses and started singing our finale song. I really liked all the scenes. My favourite song was Mary’s song. Joy, Holly and Chantelle were really good at their solos! I enjoyed the play so much!


  11. I was blown away…….fantastic performance by our Year 5 children. Congratulations also to Mrs Aransiola, Miss Heffron, Miss Price, Mrs O’Sullivan and Mrs Roman…..lots of hard work paid off in the end. Soooooooo proud of you all!


  12. Bhashana:Hey I thought that the Easter Production was outstanding ,I felt intoxicated after the play .I want to give thanks to Mrs Aransiola ,Miss Price ,Miss Heffron and the very amazing Mrs Roman.
    Cameron:I thought that the Easter production was better than we could ever imagine .I would like to thank all of the teachers across the school ecspecialy the teachers in the whole of year five. It was AMAZING.


  13. I really enjoyed rehersing and peforming the Easter production. All of the hard work really payed off. I loved getting into our costumes, I feel like it really got all of us into character. Thank you to all of the teachers that helped us to acomplish such a successful play, of one of the most important and fateful story in the history of Christianity. Mrs A, Mrs R,Miss P,Miss H and Mrs O, without their support I don’t think it would’ve been possible. I can’t wait untill the end of year play in year6…:)


  14. We wish that we could do another play about the Easter,but the only diffrennce will be that it would be much more improved.We really enjoyed the show last night and We hope evreyone else enjoyed the show last night it had A strong meaning about how Jesus suffered for us,we worked really hard,so WELL DONE YEAR 5 TEACHERS AND OUR YEAR 5 CLASSMATES!!!


  15. Thankyou to all the teachers that made the put the performance together. THANKYOUUUU!!!!!!!!!


  16. I really enjoyed last nights play,The Easter Production!IT WAS AWESOME!The thing i almost failed was singing.I got confused with the actions for the songs.Thank you to all teachers who out the play all together!Everything was a great success.The whole of year 5 put lots of effort.


  17. I really enjoyed the Easter Prodution everything was amazing and it blowed my heart off.I know all of the parents loved it and nothing was wrong with it.


  18. I think everyone did a wonderful job and we all deserved that massive round of applause. We have been training really hard and look at what we have achieved! I think that we should be very proud of ourselves and our parents should be too.


  19. The Easter Production was great,but i was in the croud,not the one in the Production,the croud siting down watching.But loved it when jesus was singing also when at the end they put their sun-glasses on and danced to jesus has risen


  20. We hope you enjoyed our production of the Easter story!

    Thanks for watching!!


  21. What a fantastic production! I only got to see the Dress Rehersal so I can only imagine how brilliant the performance was last night. I was very impressed with the singing talent especially, some of the solos almost left tears in my eyes. Well Done Year 5!


  22. This is for all the year 5 team! WELL DONE!
    I was very impressed with all of you and how professional you were. All of you have shocked me with your performing arts skills and I am sure all of the teachers and parents would agree! 2S were very inspired and had many of them telling me the characters they would like to play when they get to year 5.
    I am very proud of you all!
    Miss Sedgwick 🙂


  23. The production last night was really astounding! It was very moving! Truly, it was such a TREAT for parents! I have watched so many productions participated by these kids throughout the years back from Nursery. From where a parent has learned to forgive the flaws because they’re just simply so sweet and cute. But now, they have developed to amazing individuals! They never fail to make their parents VERY PROUD! Everything was perfect and very organised. The atmosphere of each scene and the dynamics of music were well-defined. KUDOS to year 5, to everyone who put the production altogether and to St. Teresa’s School!


  24. Year 5 I thought your performance was amazing, you captured the greatest story of all time perfectly with deep meaning and purpose. It was clear enough for all to receive the message of what Easter is about and a time for us all to reflect.
    You should all be so proud as your hard work shone through. Also a big well done to the year 5 team.. Your vision really did come through.


  25. Fantastic performance from year 5. Very powerful and moving. You made me cry especially when you sang the solos. Well done to the staff who worked so hard to make this performance so special. Ypu should be very proud of yourselves.xll


  26. I am so sorry I missed the actual play but I have heard marvellous feedback from everyone and I have listened to some fabulous singing in rehearsals. Mrs Scheider’s photos give a real flavour of how fantastic you all were – pat yourselves on the back staff and children, and be very proud!


  27. What can I say but truly AMAZING!! They all worked so hard and it showed. Mrs A, Miss H, Mrs O, Miss P and myself are so proud of each and everyone of Year 5. Xx Well Done!


  28. I have just seen the Year 5 Easter Performance. I am so proud of all of the children and staff and this evening they were all brilliant! The story was told in a very powerful way. The costumes, lighting and music added to the performance, creating a unique atmosphere. All the parents that I spoke to were really moved by the story and I am sure that they will be reflecting upon it over the Easter period.
    Thank you Year 5!
    Mr. Dachtler


  29. Hi Year 5 Mrs A here!
    Just say you have all got Grade A’s for your lights, camera, action topic. Wow, wow and wow yet again, you never fail to amaze me. You have been a great bunch to work with and have taken direction so well. I must say, show me another group of children like yourselves that could turn around an Easter production in one week. You even made Mr Dacthler speechless after tonight’s performance, truly wonderful and each of you gave your all in telling such a powerful story. Well done amigos! Tonight was just a warm up for your Royal Albert Hall performance in three weeks. Hee! hee!
    Thank you to all the staff that helped put this together and to your parents for their continued support. From the words of Heather Smalls and one of our performance pieces for RAH, “What have you done today to make you feel proud?”


  30. I really enjoyed the easter play !. When you do something for very long and when its really tiering , then at the end you finally find out that it pays off , it makes you feel amazing and proud that you have achived what you were working towards before.I want to say thank you to Mrs A , Miss Heffron. Miss Price and Mrs Roman for putting all of this together and if it wasnt for them, this whole play wouldnt have happened. I want to say thanks to Year 5 for using team work to help put this play together without you this play would not have been a success! Finally, I would like to thank everyone else in the school for everything!.It was a great success.

    THANK YOU!!!!


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