Fresh from the studio ….

Here are the songs that our year 6 children wrote and arranged. They went to Crown Lane Studio to work with John and Bill to produce these incredible songs. Ms Malone and I were seriously impressed with the hard work and effort displayed. The quality of the songs is outstanding. They have created a beautiful legacy to pass on.

There will be a video to follow but I am impatient for you to hear the songs so here you go!

15 thoughts on “Fresh from the studio ….

  1. I loved the final whistle and Harris you were supper at drumming .I love it ,it is so good that it makes me cry.


  2. thank you Mrs Schneider of taking the year 6 to sing they songs. Thank you very much.


  3. A huge thanks from behalf of my team, the finish result of the songs are amazing, it wouldn’t have been possible with Mrs Schneider,Miss Malone, and the members of crown studio.


    • Thank you Thais. I really appreciate your comment!

      You and your team were an absolute pleasure to teach. I will miss you very much next year.


  4. I don’t know you year 6, but I know Mrs Schneider who sent me the link to listen to these songs. I started my day (Tuesday) …feeling a bit grumpy (it’s a bit hot…my nose is running form hay fever…my head aches a bit because it’s really muggy weather…. and I’m at work (rather than say walking by a stream with my dog) ….I pressed play. I’m so glad I did because these songs are wonderful. They have taken me out of myself and they have set me up for a really happy productive day. I’m so impressed! There is real character to the songs, they are all different to each other, the music and lyric speaks clearly, all your individual voices come across beautifully. The songs sound like they mean something to you and this is communicated to the listener and its infectious. They are catchy, sometimes funny, sometimes deep and meaningful. Wonderful work! Shelly from Sing Up


  5. Year 6…Just when I thought you couldn’t get any better, you go ahead and prove me wrong, VERY wrong! Fantastic effort, great creativity and such professionalism, well, well done!

    I enjoyed every minute of this process and will continue to listen to these brilliant songs for years to come.

    Huge thanks to the wonderful Mrs Schneider for making this possible, the team at Crown Lane Studio (who were fun and fab) and of course, all of year 6 who did a marvellous job with the entire project.

    A very proud Miss Malone 🙂


    • I think the same way too. What is your favourite song? Mine is mighty river.


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