Get well soon Ms McGrath

We have a treat for you!

We have been working on ostinatos and we would like to share our work with you.

Get well soon!
From 6M

6 thoughts on “Get well soon Ms McGrath

  1. Hi 6M,

    Thank you for this, it really cheered me up!

    I am very impressed with your musical talent. I can remember trying to play Frere Jacques on the guitar in a music lesson when I was in year 7…very badly. Someone said to me afterwards, “It didn’t really sound like Frere Jacques.”

    I am slowly beginning to feel better and am hoping to be back at school soon. I don’t want to miss too much of Rose Blanche and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. I hope you’re enjoying them.

    Keep working hard and I will see you soon,

    Miss McGrath


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