Getting ready for the Royal Albert Hall!

Hello year 5,

Royal Albert Hall is coming closer!!! I have decided to dedicate a whole page on the blog to our very special “Backstories” project. I will put up all the details such as the dates of rehearsals. When it gets closer I will put up information about costumes and how to buy tickets etc. Please show this page to your families so they know what is going on! For a shortcut to the page click here

On Tuesday 13th January we will be returning to Abbottsbury for rehearsal number 2. I was so proud of you all at the first session. You really concentrated hard, demonstrated excellent singing posture and followed Soo’s instructions carefully.

I will be going over the songs in our music lessons so we are prepared. In the meanwhile have a listen to The Merton Sixth Form Choir singing “Gather and Sing”. You will be shocked by all the giggling at the beginning but Soo soon gets them in line. In 4 months time we will all be performing this together at The Royal Albert Hall!

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