Goodbye year 6!

Every year I feel sad saying goodbye to year 6 but this year is especially poignant. My very first year at St Teresa’s was when the current year 6 cohort were in year 1. They are the very first year group I have taught throughout their whole time at primary school.

So year 6, you have a special place in my heart. I have watched you develop, grow and mature into the kind, caring, creative young people you now are. I would love it if you could leave me a comment telling me what music lessons have meant to you. Do you have any particular memories that you would like to share? Are there any particular songs or music projects that stand out for you? I would also like you to tell me what you hope to achieve musically at High School.

It has been a joy to teach you. I wish you the very best. I will share you a quote from Michelle Obama

“You may not always have a comfortable life and you will not always be able to solve all of the world’s problems at once, but don’t ever underestimate the importance you can have because history has shown us that courage can be contagious, and hope can take on a life of its own.” – Michelle Obama

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  1. Im posting this 3 -4 days into the holaday and i already music ;-; it was one of my most liked subjects thank u Mrs Schneider


  2. When I started Music lessons in Year 1 with Mrs Schneider I have had so much fun doing music lessons and ..
    Most importantly…


  3. When i started music in year 1 with Mrs Schneider the first thing that came to my head was “i hope that these music lessons are every day”
    I was so intrigued how boomwhackers worked and how we could make music with so many different objects!!! like using newspaper, and parts of our body…
    As we went through all these years at st Teresa’s , I realized that all the lessons we did in year 6 was so fun that I will be so upset when i leave this school because all the memories i have made at the school have been so good that they will never drift away from my mind

    thank you Mrs Schneider for the amazing experience!!!

    Isabella D


    • I loved the violin and singing true colors.This school is so good at music.This school is awesome.


  4. I have really enjoyed my self throughout my musical years this has taught me a lot and i will remember all of it.My favourite part was opera as they taught us lots of games to play.I don’t remember much but i know i enjoyed a lot of the activities now i am in year 6 i will remember the moment when cleona and i made a song, it was fun and we enjoyed it a lot ;]


  5. I like music music so much.I really singing true colors and the school is good at singing.


  6. Although I came during year 5,I found a numerous amount of the musical lessons which I enjoyed such as the year 6 song writing project as I had fun at the recording studio playing the piano and composing my song there. As well as this I enjoyed: the raps we written-“Future Beyond”, learning how to play the violin in year 5 and how to play a song on it. Furthermore,I will miss my music lessons here at st Teresa’s RC Primary School as well as the wonderful teachers and friends there.

    Thank you St Teresa’s!


  7. Furthermore,I also enjoyed my time working on the violins.
    It was just so fun learning a new subject.However,we obviously can’t forget to mention how fantastic the teacher was;how can he play a violin like that.


  8. Music has been very fun since year 1 with MRS Schneider and I remember singing a song in music called little Sally saucer.My favorite instrument is the piano.


  9. In my time at st teresas from year 4 to year 6 i’ve mostly enjoyed kazoo lessons because they where fun and they sounded funny and because the locked funny and i wish we would of more lessons on kazoos


  10. I have really enjoyed the past few years doing music lessons, as it has taught me many things I have really cherished every moment. My favourite lesson especially was in year 6 when an opera company came in and done some fun activities and I also enjoyed learning new songs throughout the years. I will really miss the music here at St.Teresa’s .


  11. When I started music in year 1, I don’t remember much, but I do remember that I enjoyed all of the activities, and songs that we learnt. When I was younger, I was very excited when we were first able to use the boomwhackers. Now I am very sad to be leaving this school, but i’m excited for what is coming in high school. The highlight of my musical year in year 6 was when we got to write our own songs. I never thought that our song would get chosen, but somehow I did. The trip was amazing, and I had so much fun helping others record their songs, and of course, my own. The experiences of the past 6 years have been awesome, and super fun. Thank you Mrs Schneider and every body who has helped me in music through the past years. I do not know how my school experience would have been without music lessons, and who else would have taught me. These lessons have helped me so much to learn about percussion, pulse, beat, structure, and so many things. I enjoy singing, and I don’t think that my singing experience would have been the same if music wasn’t an option at school.
    We are super lucky to be privileged with music lessons, as not all schools are, and some children don’t even get an education. Mrs Schneider is super generous in all that she does, and she shares all of her musical ability with us. For that, I’m super lucky. It’s been a great time, but now my path in primary school has ended, and it’s time to move on to something greater.

    Thank you.



  12. i really like music because of miss schneider and I will miss the moments we all had in the music room 🙂

    i would like to learn to play drums and guitar in high school 😉


  13. Since year 1, my class and i have experienced one of the best music lessons in the WORLD. I personally think they were amazing and i enjoyed them a lot. My favorite lessons were when we learnt about the digital bread crumbs and the song writing project lessons.

    In high school i’m looking forward to learning some new instruments that we didn’t unfortunately didn’t get to learn. Although this, i really enjoyed playing the violin and recorder :]


  14. some of the memories i remember from this school is the violin (that was when i was in year 5) also i really like playing boom whackers and i remember that we made our own songs but i wasn’t a good singer. Thank you!


  15. Dear Mrs Schneider

    When I will leave this school one of the things I will remember is the music lessons you have taught me. From practicing violin to making boom whacker songs I have enjoyed you teaching me the fun music lessons since Year 4.I miss you when I go to high school


  16. Through the past years,I learnt new things,Like how to play the boomwacker,play the recorder and many more,these my favorite years!I had a lot of fun in Music and I hope you keep them as amazing as they already are.One of my favorite lessons was when we got to write our own songs…In high school i’m excited to learn to play a different instrument.
    Thank You Mrs Schneider For Everything!


  17. Some of my memories was a song in year 1 we learnt. I loved his song hopefully this song be taught to more children…

    ‘Little Sally saucer siting in the water, rise Sally rise, open your eyes. Point to the east point to the west. Point to the one that you like best!’
    Then pick a friend to sing the song…
    I loved it.
    Even hickety ticketety bumblebee…

    Favorite year: year 6
    Favorite instrument: violin and recorder


  18. My favorite memory was when we sang many songs to warm up our voices.In yr 6 my favorite memory was getting the chance to write our own songs with a meaning behind it- which was us going to high school.


  19. music lessons have really helped me develop my skills of music and i really enjoyed them too. Miss Schneider has helped me through from year 1 to year 6
    Thank you Miss Schneider for helping me!


  20. My favorite song that we ever sang in my whole entire life in music from year 1 to year 6 was the song ‘Hickety tickety bumblebee’;the tune is so catchy i still remember it.


  21. I enjoyed when we played the violin and flute. I also love what my wonderful music teacher for me from year one to year six. In high school I would like to learn how to play the piano.


  22. I think music was my second favorite subject as we try different instrument .When i came in year 3 i thought music was terrible as other school I went wasn’t the best but this school music is FUN!!!


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