Goodbye year 6

I felt sad but very proud watching year 6 today. They have worked so hard on their production of “Henry the Tudor Dude”. They will be spreading their wings and leaving St Teresa’s very soon. However they have an action packed few days ahead of them. They will be performing to parents, going on a massive sleepover and visiting the House of Commons before they leave. I just want to say thank you to year 6. I have enjoyed teaching you, seeing you grow and reading your comments on the blog. You have made me think, made me laugh and on the very rare occasion even made me cross but overall I have loved teaching you! Thank you for working so hard in music. I will miss you but will always remember you. Please stop by the blog from time to time and tell me what you are up to. It has been a joy to teach you.

Very best wishes to you all,
Mrs Schneider

Some musical memories

Henry the Tudor Dude part 1 on PhotoPeach

Henry the Tudor Dude part II on PhotoPeach

WW2 day 2013 on PhotoPeach

Djembe! on PhotoPeach

4 thoughts on “Goodbye year 6

  1. I love it when Mrs Schneider, goes around to take pictures of our different school plays, and does a post about them. Just like how she did it with yr five’s Easter production.


  2. The play was really funny and I think year 6 would say the same thing. I hope all of you have a great time in year 7!!!


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