Have a listen to Jane sing “Gong Xi”

Thank you Jane for singing to us in class today. You have a beautiful voice!

50 thoughts on “Have a listen to Jane sing “Gong Xi”

  1. I got 1 thing
    2 do
    3 words
    4 u..


    Never give up, dont be afraid, and keep singing!


  2. Theres only 1 thing
    2 do
    3 words
    4 you..


    Follow your dreams and never give up!


  3. Hello Jane,
    You have definitely a special talent which is to sing. You are one most lucky kid to have such voice.I just wish I had that kind of talent!I can not believe it!Also one question, how long did it take for you to do this and have lots of congrats.You are still amazing and WELL DONE!


  4. hi Jane , you have a very beautiful voice I wish I had one too.one question I wanted to ask you was ; what language is this song in?
    I love your voice,you have an amazing talent!
    Keep it up!


  5. Hi Jane,your singing voice is amazing and one of a kind !! You have a wonderful voice at such a young age and I have very high expectations for you! well done 🙂


  6. Jane 1 thing to say what an amazing voice you have you have to go on Britans got talent


  7. Hi Jane, I really like your song and your singing is amazing.The fact that you can sing at that age is amazing. I bring you great luck in your future years with your talent. Well done Jane : )


  8. Very nice singing voice! You sound like ariana grande and taylor swift, but better!


    • WOW!!! your voice is honestly really good! I could listen to it over and over again.I am fascinated by the language you speak and your so cute![if you don’t mind me saying]


  9. well done Jane uyou have a wonderful voice it blew my head off in a good way


  10. Hi, I really liked your music. The fact that you can speak a different language at your age is incredible. I really hope you get another post on here. Your a beautiful singer an I wish I could sing that at your age. keep it up!


  11. Jane your singing was wonderful ! I can not believe it so well done and you have a lot of talent because you sung so amazingly in a different language. I think that you might become a incredible singer one day Jane. you have a lovely voice!frtfgbbc


  12. Your singing is so good it is better than mine well done, hope you do better next time. Well done you are the best Jane big thumbs up to you


  13. WOW!!What a wonderful voice you have!Well done Jane keep up your singing voice.I hope I can learn this song!


  14. This is amazing singing how could somebody your age have a beautiful voice like this you are very talented! 🙂 🙂 🙂


  15. Wow i can not believe this, your voice is so angelic !
    I am very impressed so i wish i could sing like that. XD

    Thanks.Loved it!
    C( O_- )D


  16. Well done Jane, it sounds amazing. You have a beautiful voice wish i could sing as good as you could! It is so brilliant and really good you are singing so well at the age you are.


  17. I loved Jane singing! She had an amazing voice especially when she was singing in a different language.She has a very good tone and is very cute!


  18. Well done Jane! It’s nice to see you thinking about the Chinese New Year.You were truly AMAZING,keep up the good work.


  19. Well done Jane!You are such a talented singer and have such a wonderful voice.Keep on singing beautifully!


  20. Wow! You are amazing! Well done Jane! I love your voice! You are so talented especially for your age! What a wonderful gift you have! Keep up the good work! I only have three words for you and your voice: WOW!!!!


  21. Well done Jane you are such a good singer and what a wonderful voice you have !
    I love this song I might even try singing this song myself and see if I can reach your level. Once again well done and a big thumbs up for you!


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