Hello Roehampton university!

We are going to try holding a FaceTime call via the internet with the students at Roehampton Institute using an iPad. Some of our year 5 students will be standing by to answer questions. Of course there is a chance that the technology might not work and a dodgy wi fi signal stops us taking part. Fingers crossed!

The conference call went really well. I was extremely proud of our pupils Joshua, Katie, Joy, Antonia, Christabel, Darrel, Hollie W, Abbie & Jennifer. They were extremely articulate and made highly intelligent observations. Thank you pupils – I was VERY proud of you! You were excellent ambassadors for the school.

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  1. hello have you had a nice weekend.Do you remember spinning top goes round and round that son i have been praticing it and teaching my brother joseph it he loves it.Hope you are well i miss you. love from jessica


    • Yes I do! I am glad that you remember the work we do in class! Have a nice half term & I will see you soon 🙂


  2. Hello St Teresa’s RC Primary,

    I came across your blog while viewing some Blog Dipping blogs. FaceTime on the iPad is a great way of sharing. It seems better than Skyping because the images flow more smoothly.

    Having skyped with a US class, I know how interesting these sharing sessions can be. 🙂

    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia


    • Thank you for leaving us a comment. You are the FIRST person from outside of the UK to leave us a comment!

      It would be great to find out what songs children sing in Australian schools!


    • Thank you so much!. We have a comment from AUSTRALIA! Thank you for taking your time for all of this !. You are the FIRST person from outside of the UK to leave us a comment!


  3. All of you were so good on Tuesday I enjoyed talking to all of you,I hope we will be able to talk to all of you.


  4. Hi Jade,My name is Jennifer I liked talking to you and your friends I hope you ask me about what I like about music if you do,I like learning new songs and playing on the Chimebars. Well bye talk to you later

    Jennifer 5H


  5. Hello,

    My name is Kelly and I am a student at from Roehampton University. Thank you for taking the time to speak to us yesterday about music and blogging. Your answers were really useful! One other thing that would be interesting for me to find out is whethe you have been using computer software (for example Garage Band) or more traditional instruments to make the music you have been blogging about?


    • Thank you!! ..I think i leave that question to Mrs Schnieder!!


    • We have used djembe drums – we borrowed 30 from our local music service but the rest of the time we use our voices and various percussion instruments. We do experiment with garageband but we only have have my iPad to use in lessons.


    • I am so sorry Christabel! I have changed it but apologies for getting it wrong.


  6. Hello everyone 😀 My name is Jade, I am from Roehampton University and I would like to say a huge thank you to all of you for talking to us today on the iPad’s. It was so much fun! You were all so helpful, thank you for answering all of our questions and being such good fun to talk to. We all learned so much from you, it was really interesting to find out why you like blogging and what your favourite things about Music and blogging are. You are very lucky to have such interesting lessons in Music, one day I hope to teach such brilliant lessons! Also thank you to Mrs Schneider for answering our questions. I have never used an iPad before and I have realised how useful they can be for teaching and learning. Thank you all again, Jade.


    • We would all like to thank you too. You guys asked fantastic questions and we hope you enjoyed it too. We also thank you for giving us this chance .THANK YOU!!!!!


  7. Hello, Roehampton University

    My name is Christabel .We thank you for giving us this opportunity to talk to you. You can ask me any questions at the face time chat.We have done two blogging sites and we are very happy to explain them to you .If we get to ,we might be able to ask you some questions.

    Thank you
    Christabel 5H


  8. Hello Roehampton university,
    I really enjoy the blog because it has all our work and music is on it and because people leave nice comments.


  9. Hello Roehampton,
    my name is Jennifer I am looking forward for to talking to you.If you want to ask me any questions then I would be delighted to answer them.If you want to ask me if I like music lessons,or anything to do with the Blog. The blog is very fun,you can post comments and Mrs Schneider leaves some videos to make us think.Well I talk to you next time,
    Best Wishes,
    Jennifer 5H


  10. hello roehampton university
    I hope you enjoy when we aswer your questions and when we meet you on face time on the 8th of october tuesday i hope it will be lovely meeting you and i hope you have a wonderful time when we talk to you on mrs schnieder`s i pad phone i can`t wait to meet you and the head teachers

    by JOSHUA 5H



    • Thanks for leaving a comment Joshua 🙂


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