Hello World!

Today in class I showed the year 5 classes the statistics about where our visitors to the blog come from. They were absolutely amazed to see that we get visitors from all over the world. Just this month we have had people from China, India, Hong Kong, USA and Taiwan visit. This prompted the children to ask who you all are!

Could you leave us a brief comment telling us who you are and why you visit our blog. It would be great if you couls tell us if there are any particular posts you like!

I have had to manage the children’s expectations and explain that the vast majority of visitors to a blog NEVER leave a comment so they won’t be completely crushed if you don’t have time but if you do have a minute please click leave a reply and tell us where you come from & why you stopped by!IMG_2436

22 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. It is nice to see that people all around the world are noticing our blog. We spend alot of time posting on this blog, and would love if you could keep looking at our posts, as it is regularly updated.

    – Head girl, Choir member


  2. Hello I have looked at the blog and I have seen other countries post on the blog and it is amazing how many people go on the blog


  3. Hello Teachers,
    Its nice to meet you , Im a student from year 6 and i wonder what you do in your years. Do you have Music in the afternoon? Or do you have it in the after or do you have it in Lunch time?Thanks for looking on the Blog.


  4. Hello I’m Jacko from St’teresa’s.

    I have tried to go to your blog but i do not have a google email sadly so i wanted say that the music produced was amazing.


  5. Sadly, I could not post a comment on your blog becuase ,I did`nt have G-mail.
    However I think the brass group are amzing , they have a future in music.


  6. Hello I am Katie and I tried to post this on your blog but it did not work so I am posting it on here, I was looking at the video of year four drumming on the djembes, I think that it is a wounderful blog and I hope that next time I go on your blog it will work


  7. I looked at your blog and it was so good. I tried to post a comment but I can’t because I do have a gmail.


  8. Hi!
    Its nice to know that both children and teachers take insparation from our blog. I really believe that blogging helps us express what music we like, and how we feel about it. The posts are something we can coordinate on, and chat with others about our opinions. What origanal things do you do in music lessons with students? I hope you enjoy our posts. I love how we have people from all over the country hopping on, commenting and watching.

    -Headgirl,In chior, Holly.W, Year six team!


  9. Hello, I visited your website/blog and looked at a video it was after a storm (I think). It was a sad song. Great singing though. I would like to see more


  10. It is very nice of you to help children with disabiltes , may you also have a happy thanksgiving in USA.


  11. Hi class! I am a music teacher from Phoenix AZ. Still pretty warm here on November 14. A high of 90 degrees expected. I teach at a K-12 school for ED kids. They have emotional disabilities. I am the first music teacher ever to be at this school. I teach K-6 general music, 7-12 choral music and a piano class. My classes are getting ready for their Holiday Concert in December. I found this link in a tweet that was retweeted. A Blessed Thanksgiving to you all!!


    • Thank you so much for leaving us a comment!

      It is pretty chilly here in London. Like you, we are also getting ready for our Christmas concerts.

      Do you have a music blog? We would love to see some of the music work your students do! Please give your students our very wishes and a big HELLO from London.

      Do stop by and say hello again!


  12. Hello everyone,
    My name is Ms Fran and I’m a Primary Music Teacher at the British International School, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I have visited your site to see what other children have been getting up to in Music and I’m very pleased to see that you’re all so active 🙂 Maybe you could look at our Music blog too at ap1music.blogspot.com Keep making music!


    • Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I have just had a quick look at your blog – absolutely fantastic! I plan to show it to the classes I teach and hopefully they can leave some comments on it. I will put up a link to it on our blog.

      Thanks so much for making contact!


  13. Hi! I’m a teacher in training and I visit your blog to find out about fun things I can do with my children in class!
    I’m in London 🙂


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